PicsArt Apk + Link Download (Android & PC) FREE

PicsArt Apk + Link Download (Android & PC) FREE

The content of social media users today is very diverse, ranging from just photos , videos , and screenshots. Photo content in particular can be said to be cool if the right photo editing process is carried out. You can use the recommended application, namely PicsArt Apk Mod Version.

Why should you use a modification application? Isn’t the app unsafe? Applications developed by third parties can indeed be obtained without paying even for many features that are already open without having to make a subscription payment.

Lots of users like the features in it so they can produce cool photos to upload on social media.

PicsArt Apk Mod Version

PicsArt Apk Mod Version 

It has been stated above that PicsArt is an application that is used for image editing so that it can improve its quality. The original image will be far behind because the image display will be more attractive.

The features provided have been adapted by the developer for the creative needs of users. For users, there is no need to be confused because the use of the features is quite easy because the settings are very simple.


  • Complete
  • Free
  • Can edit photos and videos
  • Sticker
  • Create a Picture
  • Font
  • Etc..

In addition to the editing features , to beautify the photos, several filters are given to support the complete editing process. Editing photos with additional filters will feel very exciting.

However, maybe you are curious about what features are in this PicsArt. Actually the basic ones for its own features such as frames, crop, color saturation, resize, rotate, and provide manipulation effects on photo editing.


You can see the difference between PicsArt and other applications as below:

  • Can combine many photos into one with the collage feature.
  • The features and tools provided will help in the dynamic image cropping process.
  • Can create overlays with effects that have been provided.
  • Many choices of backgrounds, frames, and effects to make the editing process easy with interesting and good results.
  • The application can be used for free but still gets premium features like a subscription professional application.

This application that claims to be able to change the appearance of photos to be more attractive is highly coveted by Android users. When you get maximum results for edited photos, your Instagram feed will also be neat and attract the attention of users to visit your feed.

Advantages of PicsArt Pro Unlocked Gold & Premium

Being the best photo editing app, PicsArt has to provide really cool features and help photos look cooler. What features does this application have?

1. Have Complete Tools

What is meant here is definitely a tool to edit photos for the better. On PicsArt you can use filters or complete features as a whole. It’s different when using the original version, which requires paying a subscription fee first.

If you use a paid Pro account then a filter with a gold crown stamp will open. Not only filters and features, but premium effects you can also use.

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Interestingly, the background is free for you to use after upgrading to the pro version or when using PicsArt Pro APK . An example of a background that cannot be used in the original version is holographic which is currently being hype up.

In this version of PicsArt, you can make photos cooler and more interesting by adding masks that cannot be found in the original version.

2. Can be used for video editing

Who would have thought that a photo editing application can also edit the video you want. Unfortunately, to make PicsArt as video editing, you have to upgrade to the pro version first.

The mainstay feature that is used as a weapon for video editing is to use Crop and Trim so that you can adjust the size and duration of the video. In the Adjust section you can also make the video display attractive and bright.

It feels incomplete if video editing is not accompanied by sound, PicsArt has prepared this feature in the Pro Apk Mod version. Give your videos the best animation by adding attractive photos and text.

3. Make a Photo Collage

Indeed, the excellent and main feature of PicsArt is photo and video editing which makes a photo collage feature. Freely express your photos into one interesting collage according to creativity.

For those of you who like scrapbooks, it is very suitable to use the collage feature which is added with unique details and is rarely used by other users. You can also add frames to the collages that you make which can be accessed for free when you upgrade to the pro version of your account.

Maybe most of you like to post stories on Instagram, so specifically for that PicsArt has provided a template so you can make this collage for free.

4. Advanced Sticker Maker

This photo editor turns out to have stickers that can be used automatically as many as 60 million stickers. The good news is, you can use it for free. Stickers can also be made by yourself which are edited via PicsArt as well.

Stickers that can be made with personal photos or collections of images provided by PicsArt or from your smartphone storage. Upload a sticker that you have edited according to your creativity on PicsArt so that other users can use it too.

Unfortunately, if you install the regular PicsArt application, not all stickers can be used. Unlike PicsArt Pro Apk users who can use all the stickers for free.

5. Replay button

It’s arguably the coolest feature because the PicsArt community can upload the results of community edits. Other users will be able to see photos that have been edited or when the editing process has not been completed.

This feature is on the replay button on each of the edited photos. The technique itself will be notified so that other users will know it and the photo will look cooler.

Apply photo editing techniques such as the results shown by pressing the replay button. This means you apply other people’s ways and don’t have to worry about deciding what sticker or filter to use.

6. Cool Fonts

It can only be found on PicsArt Pro APK, all font choices can be used as a whole. You can use this font to beautify your photo or video editing. Meanwhile, free users can only use a few open fonts.

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Being free to choose fonts is really fun because there are 200 types that can be created according to your creations. Access all fonts to make your photo or video look more attractive and unique.

Use the PicsArt Apk application so you can use fonts for free in their entirety and are not restricted in their use.

7. Create Your Own Image

To be able to create images with PicsArt Pro Free , you can use the provided tools such as brushes, layers, and several other tools that feel like professional class.

When you want to make this image, then you need to select the Drawing menu so you can make Doodles easily and can add transparent effects to clothes and other objects. You will be given a blank canvas and draw according to your wishes.

In addition to using the tools provided, features that support the drawing process are illustrations and additional objects.

8. RAW File Format

One of the formats that you get when taking photos with a digital camera is the RAW format, so you need to move the file first on your computer so that it can open on Android.

However, if you use the PicsArt application on a smartphone, it will help you to edit the RAW format so that it will be faster.

To use this feature, you must be connected to the internet so you can edit files quickly and other features run optimally.

9. Edit PNG Images

Usually when you want to make edits to the PNG format, you have to download the application first. It’s different if you use PicsArt because it already supports the PNG format with high quality.

PNG files with transparent backgrounds and difficult to edit will be very easy if you use PicsArt. However, it should be noted once again that only the Pro version supports this feature while the regular version will not.

PicsArt in editing the PNG format will be more careful and not reduce the quality of the photo you want to edit. You have to trust that the photos edited on PicsArt will maintain the quality.

10. Layer Techniques for Various Photos

Layering techniques like those done by professionals can support your photo editing to be very cool and interesting. The reason is, several photos are combined but with layers that are layered very easily and automatically the results will be good.

To support the editing process of this layer technique, there is an opacity tool for setting the transparency of each layer. There is also a feature that is used to make photos look more united, namely the Blend Tool. Usually the first try will not succeed in editing this layer.

Therefore, you must practice as often as possible and be able to use these tips in using PicsArt.

Tips for Using PicsArt Apk

You must already know that using PicsArt Pro will open all the features in it. Taking advantage of all the features is very important, but is it enough to make good photo edits?

Follow some of the tips below so you can get the desired photo edits, namely:

1. Take advantage of Remove Background

Removing the screen is a common method of photo editing and can be used to create layering photos. In addition, you can also delete the original background and replace it with a new background as desired.

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It will be a lot of fun to get creative with your cool photos. To make it look more natural for the background, you can use the Blend Tool to make it more unified and not feel like an edited photo.

2. Using the Layer Technique

Taking photos like a pro is really fun. This technique that feels like a professional, namely the layering technique, makes the photo more dynamic and cool.

You can combine multiple photos into layers or layers. In addition, there are many tools that can be used to support the layer editing process. Back again to the first point, before doing this technique you can remove the background first.

3. Setting Up High Quality Photos

Before editing, it’s a good idea for the photos you use to have a high quality level. Photos that are uploaded on PicsArt and will be edited will not be reduced in quality, even this application will maintain better quality.

If the photo quality is very good, the details will be clear and the editing process will be easy. Added stickers, filters, text, and more so that photos of good quality will be worth it and look more natural with this edit.

4. Using All Features

Don’t miss the features that have been previously unlocked by this modified version because you won’t meet in the usual version of the application without a subscription.

Make stickers first with interesting and funny photos, then you can edit photos by adding stickers, text, or filters.

If you want to make interesting photo edits, you can do an editing process that involves basic editing tools such as crop or resize to measure precisely. Then just make a collage combined with interesting filters.

Usually, interesting photos can also be seen on a simple but elegant background or frame. So it is very suitable to use PicsArt because it has provided various kinds of frames.

PicsArt Apk Download Link (Android & PC)

It has been explained that you will not find this application on the Google Play Store so you have to download it through a site from a third party. But before you download it, it’s a good idea to know the specifications of the latest updated version of the 2022 apk modification , namely:

App Name PicsArt Apk (Gold Unlocked)
Version 19.2.0
Size 46 MB
Developer PicsArt,Inc
Price Free
Download Link Here

You can download the application through a browser such as Google Chrome. The downloaded file will be stored on the device storage.

How to Install

After that, you can install it manually, namely:

  • The PicsArt application file must be in the File Manager of the Downloads/Downloads folder. If it’s not there then you can go to the browser first and see the Download option.
  • When you have met the application, you can click the PicsArt application .
  • A new box will appear and you can click Install at the bottom right.
  • However, you have to enable Unknown Sources first because some Androids don’t allow illegal apps to enter the system.
  • How to open Settings Security Install from Unknown Sources , click until it turns blue or green which indicates it is active.
  • Then, the installation process will run and wait for it to finish .
  • Turn off Unknown Sources again so that it is not easy for viruses that come from the browser to enter the smartphone.

This method is quite easy and for anyone who is used to it will not be confused. But for those who do it for the first time, it still takes time to enter and exit the menu on the smartphone.

This is normal, so you don’t have to worry and be confused. When it is installed properly, PicsArt Pro can be directly used to edit photos so that they can be uploaded on your social media.

Get this PicsArt Pro apk download immediately via the link provided above so you can use its superior features. In addition, don’t forget to upload the edits on your social media and recommend your flagship application to friends so that their photos look interesting.