PlayStation will reward loyal players with games and collectibles

PlayStation has gained many loyal fans over the years. The company will now reward those players with a special PlayStation Stars loyalty program, where games and collectibles can be earned.

All players with a PlayStation console will soon be able to sign up for the PlayStation Stars program. Grace Chen, PlayStation’s Vice President for Loyalty, made the announcement in a blog post . The program is not yet launched immediately, it will be later this year.

With PlayStation Stars, players receive rewards for completing activities and campaigns. What you have to do for this can differ greatly from each other. For example, with the Monthly Check-In campaign you only have to play a game, while there are also challenges to win a tournament or earn a certain Trophy. There’s even a campaign to be the first players to get a Platinum Trophy from a major game in your time zone.

Through the program you can earn loyalty points, which you can then spend in a special catalog. This will include rewards such as PSN credit or select PlayStation Store products. So you can also earn free games as loyal players. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also receive points for purchasing games and DLC from the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation NFT program?


In the blog post, Chen says that with PlayStation Stars, ‘ digital collectibles’ can also be saved. These collectibles are “as diverse as our portfolio of products and franchises,” according to Sony. The collectibles will be digital representations of things PlayStation fans will enjoy, such as figurines of beloved characters.

According to PlayStation, there will also be “hugely rare collectibles” to collect. There’s no word on whether these will be exclusives – for example, as a reward for being the first in your time zone to hit Platinum for a game – but it seems Sony is slowly introducing some sort of NFT system for PlayStation players.