Sakura School Simulator Apk Original Download

Sakura School Simulator Apk Original Download 2023 Latest Version

Sakura School Simulator is a unique simulation game application that has fun and interesting gameplay.

Many players are getting interested in using the original Sakura School Simulator Apk instead of the regular version on the Google Play Store.

Actually, Sakura School Simulator can be downloaded from the Play Store and played for free on Android devices.

Unfortunately, currently, not all Android devices can be used to play this unique and funny simulation game.

Sakura School Simulator Review

Sakura School Simulator Apk Original Download

From the name alone you can definitely guess the storyline of this simulation game. This simulation game is designed to show the daily life of Japanese students. But life in this game is of course different from ordinary life.

There are spices in the Grand Theft Auto-style battle that you can find in this game. At first glance, this game is indeed similar to GTA. Sakura School Simulator players can go around the city and fight enemies with bare hands or armed with weapons.

What sets it apart is that no one in this Sakura School Simulator game will ever experience what it feels like to die. Everyone would only pass out after being beaten.

Features in Sakura School Simulator Apk

Sakura School Simulator is a fun game that allows players to carry out various daily activities with a fairly realistic appearance. The more you play it and carry out various missions, the more you can become the winner in Sakura School Simulator.

This unique game brings a lot of cool features that you should find out first before downloading it. Below are cool features of Sakura School Simulator that you can enjoy.

1. Very unique character outfit

One of the characters in this simulation game is Gemini. Gemini has quite a lot of clothes and has a unique design. Your character will indeed be wearing a Japanese-style school uniform. But that’s not the only outfit there is.

To attend certain in-game events, you can change your character’s outfit to one of the existing clothing collections. So the characters you play will be even more interesting. To be able to get all the interesting clothes, you need to complete missions and events.

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2. Weapons to defeat opponents

Like the game Grand Theft Auto, Sakura School Simulator is also equipped with weapons in many different types. There are plenty of weapons so you can use them to take down the baddies and anyone you need to beat.

There are missions that require you to defeat the criminals. Use the collection of weapons you have to complete the mission more easily. Once the mission is completed, you deserve a reward. Where can you get weapons from?

One way that can be done is to borrow weapons from the Yakuza. Or you can also have your own weapons after completing missions or by buying them.

3. Vehicle to move to another place

This unique simulator game also provides various types of vehicles. You can use a vehicle to move from one location to another more easily and quickly. No more need to walk and spend a lot of time on the road.

In the original Sakura School Simulator Apk, various vehicles that can be used are cars, jets, and so on. The vehicles you can use are those already in the garage where your character lives in the game.

If the vehicle is not in the garage, then you cannot use the vehicle and must walk to get to other locations in the game.

4. Amusement Park untuk refreshing

Amusement Park is a playground in the Sakura School Simulator game that can be visited at any time. This location provides various facilities that can be used freely by the characters in the game. Here, your character can play or carry out missions.

This playground provides various types of games, just like a playground in the real world. You can find exciting rides such as merry-go-rounds to thrilling haunted houses. The most recent updates even have castles or castles.

Amusement Park in this game has a function like a playground in general, can be visited when you are tired of running missions or fighting with NPC characters.

5. Challenging Water Park

Besides the Amusement Park, this Sakura simulator game also has another interesting location, namely the Water Park or water park. In the latest version that has been updated, this water park offers lots of interesting rides. The rides there can be played by the characters.

The pool in this water park is quite challenging and must be explored by every character. Apart from having fun, the water park in the original Sakura School Simulator Apk can also be used as a location to carry out missions.

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As one of the players in this simulator game, you are obliged to master all areas of the waterpark so you will not get lost or have trouble getting out because of its very wide location.

6. Unique UFO-shaped vehicle

Want to drive a vehicle that is not only cool but also unusual? Then you must try this Sakura School Simulator game. This game offers a very unusual vehicle, namely the UFO. You can use it to move to another location in the game.

In addition, UFO vehicles can also be used to spy on enemies that you will defeat. This exciting vehicle is only available in the latest version of Sakura School Simulator. That’s why many people are interested in getting the updated Sakura School Simulator.

7. Various interesting game characters

There are many characters that you can play in this Sakura School Simulator game. Players can choose the character they like the most or even create their own character so that the character they play will be more unique and more in line with what each player wants.

The existence of interesting characters in the game will make this game much more interesting than other simulation games. The existing characters will also not make the players feel bored in playing this game. You can change characters whenever you want.

Exciting Gameplay in the Sakura School Simulator Apk

Gameplay is the storyline in the game that must be understood by anyone who is interested in playing a certain game. Before downloading this Sakura game, you should understand the storyline first so that later you can follow the story more smoothly.

In Sakura School Simulator, there are various parts that you need to understand, such as the exploration or the missions that need to be done. The following is the gameplay in Sakura School Simulator.

1. Exploration

One of the easiest ways to play this simulation game is to explore or explore in the game. Each player must explore first, especially when playing this game for the first time.

Exploration is done with the aim of finding out everything that is in the game. After understanding all the locations in the game, players can carry out all kinds of missions much more easily. The mission will be completed quickly and prizes can be obtained immediately.

2. Complete the Mission

The next gameplay that is as important as exploration is completing the given mission. The missions are also very diverse and interesting. You can carry out various existing missions. Or you can also carry out the missions given by the NPC characters in the game.

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The missions that need to be completed are also quite varied. For example, you can visit a certain place or do a battle. All missions can be selected and played at will with the aim of winning prizes. There is no requirement to complete missions.

To carry out missions in the form of combat, players must borrow weapons or use weapons they already have. Missions must be completed if the player wants to get the rewards.

3. Fight

Even though the name of the game is the original Sakura School Simulator Apk , this game isn’t all about the happy life of a schoolboy. Sakura School Simulator also allows its players to carry out very challenging combat missions.

Japan is famous for Yakuza class criminals. You can fight with Yakuza-style battles without seeing extreme and bloody scenes, let alone resulting in the death of NPC characters. The mission is to make the enemy lose blood and faint, not die.

Because it knows no death, this game is very safe to play. Your character will not die even if you have to face a much stronger enemy.

4. Do the Decorations

Each mission you complete will result in a monetary reward which is more than sufficient. This money can be used to buy decorations which are also very varied. Use the decorations you buy to beautify the house your character lives in.

It’s very easy to buy decorations, just enter the shop in this simulator game. The missions given are more like a job that the character has to do in order to earn money so they can decorate the room better.

5. Changing Character Appearance

To make the appearance of the characters in the game more attractive, you can add various types of accessories and clothes. More interesting character appearances can make you much more excited about playing the game and completing as many missions as possible.

How to Download the Sakura School Simulator Apk

Actually, this game is already on the Play Store. Unfortunately, some smartphones cannot access the Install button so this game cannot be downloaded and installed directly from the most trusted sources. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to play this game.

There are many ways that can be done to get the original version of this simulator game but in the form of an APK file. Later, the APK file can be installed on the Android device so that the game can be played as usual. Here are some of the easiest ways that you can try.

Many complained that the original Sakura School Simulator Apk could not be downloaded from the Play Store. Even though this game is filled with exciting gameplay and cool features. You can download the game by trying one of the two methods listed on this page.