SaveFrom IG, Best Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark

Best Download Instagram Videos Without Watermark 2022

SaveFrom IG is a video and photo downloader site on the Instagram platform that you must try if you often enjoy the excitement of the application. Because Instagram itself presents a variety of interesting video and photo content, especially you can also download Reels, and IGTV. Interesting right?

Then also the downloads that have been stored in the Smartphone gallery have high quality, even up to Full HD, and there is also a choice of format types that you can set yourself, starting from MP3, MP4, PNG, JPEG, and others that will provide download results that are perfect for you. very satisfactory.

Using the SaveFrom IG site is of course very easy, so anyone will quickly understand all of its features. Thanks to this sophisticated site, now you can freely have all the interesting content on Instagram, whether for collection, entertainment, or even as a status on social media.

Who here doesn’t know Instagram, which is the most popular social media platform in the universe, with the number of download users reaching 1M+ with 127 million reviews? Starting from children, teenagers, adults, even the elderly seem to be enjoying the fun.

How could Instagram not present a variety of interesting video shows, ranging from funny things, entertainment, music, and much more. Plus there is IGTV that you can enjoy like you’re watching television. That’s why the SaveFrom IG site is very important for you to know and learn how to use it so that later you can watch it offline and save it in the gallery.

Make sure you carefully read this explanation, because we will review the downloader site in full, starting from its superior features, download links, and much more.

SaveFrom IG Review

SaveFrom IG

As you already know, SaveFrom IG is a site that you can use to download various video and photo content on the Instagram application, or even up to IGTV. The site has been proven and trusted to be able to produce quality download objects without reducing the quality of the original download objects in the slightest.

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Later you will use links from videos and photos that you will download with to produce various types of content that you find interesting. Its simple appearance makes this site friendly when used, not many buttons, and certainly satisfying.

If you are interested in immediately trying the excellent features of the SaveFrom IG site, please refer to the explanation below.

Attractive Features of SaveFrom IG

Instagram Downloader

Well, before you use the site to download interesting objects in the Instagram application, you must first know all the interesting features it has. Here we convey as points below:

1. Super HD Download Video Quality

The first feature, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the downloads produced by the SaveFrom IG downloader site, because it is able to produce super HD quality for the videos you download. Interestingly, this site does not reduce the default quality of the videos or photos that you have successfully downloaded on Instagram.

So it’s not surprising that this site is very popular, much in demand by users of the Instagram application to collect various interesting content in the Instagram application.

2. Download Speed

The features of these two sites will help you download Instagram videos very quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to have the content you like on the platform. But make sure the internet connection is running well and stable, because the internet network is the main point that must be considered when downloading any object.

3. Availability of Google Extensions

Furthermore, for those of you who want to download Instagram videos by using SaveFrom IG on Google Chrome or other browsers, then you can install an extension in it. Then how? please pay attention to the following explanation:

  • The first step, please open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Continue by entering the following address link .
  • If so, please look for the help writing.
  • Please press the install button that is already available.
  • Next you will download the extension.
  • If it works, just install it in the Chrome browser.
  • So automatically if you download it via a browser, just press the download button.
  • Good luck.

If you don’t use the Chrome browser, please use another browser by accessing the following link Also know that the SaveFrom IG help extension is widely available in all browsers, from Mozilla, Operamini, Microsoft Edge, and others.

4. Support on All Devices

Generally, to be able to download videos and photos on Instagram, you have to use additional applications and download them on the Play Store. But it’s not necessary if you’ve used SaveFrom IG, because its use is like portable.

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Then also the use of the site supports all devices, whether it’s Android, iOS, PC, iPad, and others. That way you are more flexible to use the Instagram video downloader site.

5. Application Available

For those of you who often download various interesting content on Instagram ranging from photos, videos, stories, and IGTV, we recommend using this downloader site, because the site has been indirectly designed as a free application that can be obtained on the official website or through Google services. The Play Store itself.

6. Save Gallery

Finally, the downloaded videos that you have done using the SaveFrom IG site will automatically be saved in the galle

7. No Need Login Required

You also don’t need to worry about using it, because this site does not require you to log in using personal data through registration, so it is very safe and certainly satisfying.

How to Download Using the SaveFrom IG Site Apk Latest Instagram HD Videos


Here we will tell you some quick ways to download Instagram videos using the SaveFrom IG site that you can try as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the steps:

Download The Apps

  • The first step, please open the Instagram application that is already installed on each device.
  • Next, please search for the video or photo that you want to download.
  • If you have got the content you want to download then press the Three Dots button in the corner of the post.
  • Copy or Copy the URL link of the video or photo.
  • If you have copied the video URL link, then just open the site in the respective browser on the device.
  • Next, just paste the video link in the column that is already available.
  • Then press Download for the download process.
  • Wait a few moments until the video or photo is actually successfully downloaded by pressing MP4.
  • Good luck.

How easy is that right? please try it yourself using the device you have using the downloader site. Also make sure that the internet connection used is running smoothly and fast.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of SaveFrom IG

SaveFrom IG

You need to understand that every site or application, no matter how sophisticated, has its advantages and disadvantages, as is SaveFrom IG. Here you have to know so that it can be taken into consideration with other Instagram downloader applications or sites, as follows:

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Advantages of SaveFrom IG

  • For the download results automatically go to the respective galleries on the device.
  • It is supported on any device.
  • Can download directly from any site.
  • Access speed that only uses the URL link of a video or photo object that you want to download.
  • Can be used in various browsers in the process.
  • If the video from Youtube only changes the link address, for example, it becomes ss without the www.

Cons of SaveFrom IG

  • Lots of ads popping up.
  • Cannot download Instagram videos that are private accounts.
  • Difficulty adding extensions.
  • Can only be used to download videos that are public.

Collection of Watermark-Free Instagram Video Downloader Sites

In addition to the SaveFrom IG site, we have also compiled 4 sites that you can also use to download photos, videos, IGTV, and stories on the Instagram application. Here’s the explanation:


The first is which is very fast and easy to use. Just like other downloader sites, you can use it to collect interesting content on the Instagram platform. Here you just copy the link or video and it will automatically be saved on their respective phones.


The second is which you can use to download various interesting content on the Instagram application. Then its use is supported on all devices and any browser. Moreover, you can use and enjoy all its features for free.


The last is the site that you can use as an alternative tool to download videos and photos on Instagram online and in super HD high quality. Interestingly, here you can also download MP3 music or audio on videos in the Instagram application.

How to Save Instagram Videos Via the Site


  • First please select the video
  • Then click the Three Dots icon right above the post, then copy the link.
  • Enter the Instagram video downloader site with the following link.
  • Please Paste the video link in the column provided.
  • Next check the saved videos.
  • After you paste the link, a thumbnail of the selected Instagram video will appear.
  • Do check again whether the video or photo is correct or not.
  • If it feels right then just press the Download Mp4 button .
  • After that a confirmation notification will appear regarding the video to be downloaded.
  • Just click Download .
  • Please play in their respective galleries.
  • To make sure the video is saved or not, please check again.

Saving Instagram Videos Via iGram

  • Please open the Instagram application and look for the video to be downloaded.
  • Please also copy or copy the video link in the three dots as explained above.
  • If you have copied the video link, then just open the following address link oi/.
  • Paste the video link in the column provided.
  • Later information will appear about the download, and just adjust it as needed.
  • Wait for the process to succeed.

Those are some recommended reviews about the Downloader site from SaveFrom IG along with other Instagram downloader applications that you can rely on to download various interesting content in the Instagram application. Let’s immediately use sites and applications to accompany the fun of playing Instagram.