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Did Shiryu Becomes Zoro’s Next Enemy In One Piece? Here’s The Answers

Getting to the last island, which is Laugh Tale , is a big dream for every pirate in the One Piece story . This includes Luffy from the Straw Hats. Since childhood, Luffy has dreamed of being able to go to Laugh Tale, get One Piece , and achieve the title of pirate king which currently belongs to Gol D. Roger. Besides Luffy, the other Straw Hat crew characters also have their own dreams.

And one that is very popular among fans is the dream of Roronoa Zoro. He has the biggest dream of becoming the best swordsman in the world. To make his dream come true, Zoro has started training hard since he was little. Zoro is still training today, when he joined the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Zoro’s joining with this pirate group is one way for Zoro to realize his dream. Even so, it’s not easy for Zoro to be the best in the world. Because, to be the best in the world, Zoro must defeat all the best swordsmen in existence. Throughout the series, Zoro has managed to defeat several other swordsmen.

An example is Hacchan, who even wields six swords at once. Zoro’s journey to the top is still very long, because there are still many swordsmen out there that Zoro must defeat. Talking about a strong enemy, there is speculation among fans that the Straw Hat crew will face a strong enemy at the end of the series, namely the Blackbeard pirate group.

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zoro haki

Who is Zoro’s opponent?

His own predictions say that each crew will face each other. If the prediction says that Luffy will face Blackbeard, then Roronoa Zoro will face Blackbeard’s right-hand man, Ame no Shiryu or Shiryu the rain. Shiryu himself has now experienced an increase in strength since joining the Blackbeard group.

He has the Suke Suke no Mi devil fruit ability, a Paramecia devil fruit that makes his body or anything he touches disappear. Using this technique, he could take on his enemies unnoticed and then surprise them with a bigger attack. He can also hide any weapon or object in his hands, as the previous devil fruit owner Absalom did.

While the Suke Suke no Mi’s vanishing ability would be very useful in infiltration missions, in combat alone this ability might not be very beneficial. Moreover, if we look at the standard level of strength of the pirates in the New World who already rely on Haki, including Observation Haki. By using this Haki, the user can feel the presence of someone, including the invisible.

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For someone with good swordsmanship, disappearing might not be a wise choice. Because, basically, even if he uses the power of his devil fruit there will be other characters who can sense its existence. And one of those characters is Zoro. Against an enemy whose strength level was below, perhaps this technique would come in handy. However, to face Zoro, it seems that this power needs to be doubted.

Suke suke no mi

How will Zoro deal with Shiryu?

Talking about strength, especially Shiryu ‘s strength , maybe Oda himself has thought of many things including increasing strength. This can be seen from what happened to several characters in the Wano Country arc, where they managed to awaken their devil fruit powers. And the assumption is, maybe Shiryu has already managed to do that.

By awakening the power of the Suke Suke no Mi, Shiryu manages to render even Observation Haki unable to track or sense his whereabouts. Then, what if the scenario then occurs? Is there a way to deal with Shiryu who can’t be tracked by Observation Haki? There is an interesting speculation regarding this.

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In the speculation, it was explained that Zoro might still be able to sense Shiryu ‘s presence . However, he did not sense Shiryu with Observation Haki, but with a sense capable of sensing various cursed objects or things. Throughout the One Piece series , Zoro is seen several times able to sense the existence of a cursed sword or cursed sword. Zoro even knows where the cursed sword is located without even having to look at it.

So, if Shiryu then has something cursed inside of him, or maybe he has a cursed sword, Zoro will certainly be able to feel the “air” of the curse without needing to rely on Observation Haki. If this speculation is true, then this will probably be one of the high-level techniques that Zoro possesses throughout the series. This means that no one will be able to escape his surveillance or eyesight. Let’s just wait for the continuation of the story in the next chapter.