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Spotify Premium Apk Unlock Free 2023

The best known application for streaming audio is Spotify. Its popularity is increasing day by day until now it is used for podcasts. There are two subscription options for Spotify,free and premium by installing the Spotify premium Apk.

Indeed, there are many platforms with similar functions such as Spotify, for example Clubhouse. However, the existence of Spotify will not be disturbed.

Especially for users who use the modified version so they can use the premium features provided. Do you want to know more about Spotify Mod Premium?

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Reviews

For those of you who have never used Spotify at all, you must be curious about what’s in it. Spotify is currently the world’s number one flagship platform for streaming audio.

With statistical evidence that has reached 60 million users or users who make it the best predicate.

Although this platform was the first to appear among audio streaming applications, its popularity is not determined by that factor. Instead, its popularity is achieved by the many advantages that can be felt by users, such as:

  • Can be used for all devices, both iOS smartphones, Android, to desktop devices.
  • There are music or podcast suggestions that can be tailored to your interests with the source of your song playlist history.
  • For the audio quality, there is no need to doubt because High Quality has been prepared.
  • Every song in it is also equipped with copyright.
  • Has Free Subscription Plan Option but some features are limited.

If you see the advantages, you will surely understand why this platform is so popular. Even so, still in this free version there are many shortcomings and limitations in using it.

Even sometimes it will be very annoying if there is an ad that suddenly appears in the middle of listening to a song. Therefore, you can use spotify premium mod apk.

Get to know Spotify Spotify Premium Apk

If you hear the words mod apk, then your mind must have been connected to the modified application from the original version. That way, you can use premium features that free users won’t be able to get.

The extension itself which is owned by this application is certainly .apk so it is specifically for Android users but cannot be installed directly through the Google Play Store. The extension will be installed on your Android smartphone properly.

Meanwhile, for Spotify Premium Mod, the function is the same as other modified applications, which is that it allows you to enjoy premium features for listening to audio such as songs and podcasts.

However, Spotify Premium can be used on both Android and iOS and frees you from annoying visual or audio ads while using it.

Spotify Premium Apk Features

When you listen to premium words on the application, the first thing you will look for is its superior features. In this Spotify premium mod application, you don’t have to buy a premium subscription.

It can be said that you can get premium features for free and are free to use.

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Indeed, in this modified version, it does not mean that it provides fully paid (premium) features. However, the advantages of the features that you can get are very good, such as:

1. Unlocked Spotify Connect

Spotify connect is one of the excellent features in the Spotify Mod version that you won’t get on the free version. Because the free version will not provide spotify connect so that the experience of listening to songs is even better.

2. Ad-Free (Visual and Audio)

One of the advantages of using a modified application is the loss of advertisements, both visual and audio, which are very annoying. Besides being annoying, these ads will also take up a lot of your time to listen to songs.

Even though what you do is listen to songs while traveling to the office which only takes 10 minutes. However, because annoying ads can be annoying and you won’t be listening to many songs.

3. Seeking Music and Audio

Feel free to search for songs and audio you want so you can listen to anything. Unlike the original application, which has been determined by the Spotify system itself.

4. Free to Play Whole Song

Of course you can play all songs without having to download them first and will not be limited by the title and singer. However, you have to make sure that to use this version of Spotify it must be accompanied by an adequate internet connection.

You can enjoy both local and foreign songs, Korean, and others and add them to the playlist you want to make.

5. Unlimited Shuffle

Usually for the original version, this shuffle is very limited to maybe 6 times per hour. However, it’s different from the Spotify Mod version , which can be used without limits and even choose which songs to shuffle and listen to.

6. Choose Songs Freely

Free to choose songs and not determined by the system from spotify is one advantage that can be obtained in the modified version of the application. Choose the song you like and play it at the right time.

7. Unlock Extreme Audio

Use the extreme audio feature to its full potential because it will not be available in the original or free version. By using this feature, it can be said that the audio quality will be better and become more exciting.

Why use this feature? The answer is that there are many equalizers that can be used so that the quality of the songs will be even better and interesting and unique for sure.

8. Unlock Repeats, Canvas, and Storyline

You can get the features that are closed in the original version for free through the premium mod feature. In this feature you can find out and get to know the song better through the purpose of the songwriter why he chose the song.

9. Disable Analytics and Crashlytics

In this premium mod application, disabling analytics and crashlytics will be open and useful for users who want to surf further on the modified version of Spotify.

10. Create Playlists

A mandatory feature in a song player or audio streaming application is a playlist that can be used to collect your current favorite and favorite songs.

You can also create several playlists according to the genre of the song, singer, and much more. That way, the experience of listening to songs from Spotify will be very pleasant and make users comfortable in enjoying their favorite music.

The difference between Spotify Premium Apk and the Original Version

After knowing the superior features, you also have to understand what makes it different from the original version.

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Spotify Original

  • Spotify Connect – Locked and can’t be used for spotify free
  • Skip – Limited in 1 hour only 6 times
  • Repeat – Inactive and locked
  • Advertisement – Will appear when opening the application and is between two songs
  • Playing System – Shuffle and determined by the app

Spotify Mod Premium

  • Spotify Connect – Can be used well
  • Skip – Unlimited
  • Repeat – Active
  • Advertisement – Will not appear
  • Playing System – You can decide for yourself and create a playlist of songs

If you saw the difference, which one would you choose? Of course, the spotify mod apk has advantages that are not found in the free spotify application. It’s not fun to use the premium version so you can avoid ads, define your own playlists, and more.

However, there is still one question that is often asked, namely Can I Download Songs on this Spotify Premium Mod Application?

The question arises because the original or free version is not available and only the paid version can download songs. The reason is that if you want to enjoy offline music through Spotify, you must have a direct connection to the Spotify server.

When you want to penetrate the spotify server, it is not easy for mod apk developers because it has a high risk.

Later it will be directed to the discovery of bugs or server holes for mod apk developers. However, the risk is that it is easily detected by Spotify so that it can find out if there are cracks or illegal application mods so that the account can be suspended or disabled.

Or for a safe way you can use an account that is not from your official daily account. This is because if it is suspended, your account will no longer be able to be used.

It’s different if you use a second account which, even though it’s suspended or disabled, means you can use your main account and only use the free version of Spotify if you don’t want to subscribe to get the premium version.

Download Spotify Premium Apk

If you want to use this modified application, you don’t have to worry about malware or similar viruses. Previously, it had been tested on several android devices and there were no signs of the presence of viruses or malware.

However, keep in mind that this is not an official application so it cannot be found on the Google Play Store and how to download it must be through a third party such as the mod apk developer website.

To make it easier, you will be given a link to download this Spotify modification application, which you can find below:

App Name Spotify Premium Apk
Size 33 MB
MOD Features Unlock Spotify Premium Features
Update Date January 16, 2021
Minimum OS Android 4.1
Download Link Download APK

When you look at the size, it can be said that it is not heavy enough so that it does not make the performance of your device decrease. Even with just 30 MB you can already use the cool features in it.

What are you waiting for? If you have the right minimum device then you can download it via the link above by:

  • Click the link above, and decide which browser to use, you can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Then, wait for the page to open in its entirety and make sure the information provided above is the same as the information listed on the website.
  • After that, you can continue by clicking Download, wait until the download process is complete.
  • Application files will be stored in the File Manager menu, in the Downloads folder.
  • Later the file will be downloaded in ZIP format so you can use a special application to extract it into .apk.
  • Once extracted, the file will be named
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You can make sure in advance whether the file with the .apk extension has been downloaded completely and there is no damage. This is to avoid damaging the application when it is run and used which can reduce the performance function of your device.

Keep in mind that this is the result of modifying the original app so it won’t be on the Google Play Store. You can use the link above to download the premium Spotify mod application.

How to Install Spotify Premium Apk

The steps in the installation process on this Spotify Mod will certainly be different and arguably quite complicated because it is not an official application. However, to simplify and speed up the installation, you can follow the tutorial references below:

  • Make sure the previously downloaded spotify apk file is in good condition in File Manager.
  • After that, you have to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • You do this by going to the Settings menu or Settings on your smartphone.
  • After that go to Apps & Notifications Advanced Special App Access Install Unknown Apps, click until it is blue and active.
  • Then, continue by heading to File Manager and clicking on the file named
  • Later an information box will appear and at the bottom right you can click Install.
  • Later, when the installation process is complete, click Open.

That way, the process has been successfully carried out and you can use its superior features to the fullest.

However, don’t forget to turn off Install Unknown Apps so that the device is protected from viruses or malware that want to enter and steal your data.

In using it, you must remain careful because the official Spotify party may suspend your account because it is detected that you have used the Spotify Mod Premium Apk application which is detrimental to the official developer.

How to Use Spotify Premium Apk

You could say how to use it is the same as using the original version of the application. However, for beginners, it will still be confused to open it.

For those who already have an old account, they can use that account and it’s different from new users who don’t have an account. How to log in is quite easy because if you don’t have an account, you can only use a Facebook account.

Is the explanation above confusing because you don’t find the picture? Let’s look at the reference tutorial for using this modified version of Spotify:

  • Open the Spotify Premium Mod application first, which has been successfully installed
  • Then, login using your old account using your username and password.
  • However, if you don’t have an account, you can log in using your email or Facebook.
  • When the login process is successful, you can use all the features provided for free.
  • If you want to listen to a song, just type the name of the singer or the title of the song in the Search column at the bottom center.
  • However, if you want to make a playlist of your favorite songs, you can click the three dots on the song title menu Add Playlist.

Listening to songs with Spotify Mod Premium, you can use premium features for free. However, it is still limited to downloading songs offline.

The important thing to note is to ignore if you are given a recommendation via a notification to update the application. That will be a step in losing the premium features that you installed earlier because you update the application to the latest original version.

Of course, this application plays a very important role in providing practical solutions for users with premium features without spending any money. If you experience problems during the installation, you can repeat the method given above.