Straw Hat crew latest bounty

Spoilers One Piece 1053: Straw Hat crew’s latest bounty!

In this article, I will discuss the prediction of the Straw Hat crew latest bounty, which is confirmed to be out in One Piece manga 1053 tomorrow. I will try to set the number as rational as possible, along with the reasons why I set the number. Okay, without further ado, here are the latest bounty predictions from the Straw Hat crew in the upcoming One Piece 1053 manga.

Straw Hat crew latest bounty

1. Monkey D. Luffy: 4,000,000,000 Berries

Monkey D Luffy

In the first place, it is certain that Monkey D. Luffy as the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates will get the most significant increase in the number of bounties. Based on my analysis, Luffy’s bounty which was originally worth 1,500,000,000 berries, will increase to touch the number of 4 billion berries. Wow, that’s a fantastic number, isn’t it? Well, the figure of 4 billion berries that I predicted did not appear out of nowhere, there are several underlying reasons.

The first reason is clear because Luffy is the leader of the alliance forces against the combined Beast Pirates led by Kaido who are already in alliance with the Big Mom Pirates. The news that the alliance led by Monkey D. Luffy can bring down the two allied Yonkou, will certainly increase Luffy’s bounty rapidly.

Well, usually there are those who think that Luffy’s bounty should reach 5 billion berries, because he managed to beat Kaido whose bounty value touched 4,611,100,000 berries. However, I do not agree, because Luffy did not defeat Kaido alone, but was assisted by Zoro, Law, Kid, Killer, and Yamato. It’s different from when Luffy solo fought Katakuri and defeated him, so he got a new bounty whose value was above Katakuri’s bounty.

2. Roronoa Zoro: 2,320,000,000 Berries

Who Is Zoro Father's

After Luffy, the second person who will receive a significant increase in the number of bounties is Roronoa Zoro, whose bounty was originally only 320 million berries, will likely increase to 2 billion 320,000,000 berries. Loh, why did it go up so much?

As we know, in the Onigashima war this time all the battles were announced directly through Bao Huang’s beast. So, almost all battles will not go unnoticed by these beasts, including the fact that Zoro was one of the people who fought against Kaido and Big Mom on the rooftop of Onigashima castle. Zoro also gave an attack that even Big Mom and Kaido had to dodge.

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In addition, Zoro has also fought Apoo, X-Drake, and finally defeated King. So, Zoro ‘s bounty will definitely exceed King’s bounty value, which is 1 billion 390 million berries. And plus the battles against Apoo, X-Drake, Kaido, and Big Mom, I don’t think the figure of 2 billion 320 million berries is too much. What do you guys think?

3. Sanji: 1.330,000,000 berries


Then, the next character who will also receive a sizable bounty increase, is Vinsmoke Sanji the curly eyebrow. Sanji ‘s bounty was originally worth 330 million berries, I estimate it will rise to 1 billion 530 million berries. Loh, why is it so different from Zoro?

The first reason Sanji’s bounty is lower than Zoro’s, is because Sanji did not participate in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom. Sanji only fought two strong enemies, namely King and Queen. As well as Page 1 in the phase before the peak war. Even then Sanji was overwhelmed against King, and didn’t beat Page 1.

So practically, Sanji only beat Queen, which Queen’s bounty value is 1 billion 320 million berries. So, Sanji’s new bounty that I predict is worth 1 billion 330 million berries sounds reasonable right? Plus it has also been confirmed by the leaker, that Sanji’s bounty will no longer be above Zoro.

4. Jinbei: 600,000,000 berries


Next, there is Jinbei, the newest member of the Straw Hat crew who I predict will have the fourth highest bounty after the Wanokuni arc ends, which is from the initial 438 million berry, which will jump to 600 million berry.

Well, the reason is clear, the first is because Jinbei managed to beat the Who’s Who which has a bounty of 546 million berries. Besides, Jinbei’s official joining into the Straw Hat Pirates’ crew on the rise, makes Jinbei’s new bounty increase potential to reach 600 million berries quite reasonable.

5. Franky: 500,000,000 berries


Well, the next straw hat crew who will have a super high bounty is Franky, who initially only had a bounty of 130 million berries, but after this wano war ends I estimate his bounty will increase to a minimum of 500 million berries.

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Well, the significant increase is clearly because Franky managed to beat Sasaki, who has a bounty of 472 million berries. In addition, Franky also fought with Numbers and also dared to beat Big Mom with his motorbike. With a fairly brilliant track record, it seems only natural that Franky’s bounty will skyrocket to 500 million berries.

6. Brook: 183.000.000 berries


Well, next there is Brook. Brook’s current bounty alone is worth 83 million berries. Now for the upgrade from Brook’s own bounty, I think it will be around 183 million berries.

The reason I estimate a bounty of 183 million berries, is because Brook only fights Black Maria’s crocs. Brook also has not found an opponent for a 1 on 1 battle in the Wano war this time. Yes, maybe because Brook has fought Big Mom in the Whole Cake Island arc before. So because Brook doesn’t fight anyone other than kroco-kroco, then the bounty of 183 million I think is quite rational for Brook. So, in your opinion, how much is Brook’s bounty this time? Write it in the comments column yes.

7. Nico Robin: 530,000,000 berries

Nico Robin

In the next sequence, the mugiwara crew with a bounty increase that will be quite large is also The Devil’s Child, Nico Robin. Now, Robin, who initially had a bounty of 130 million berries, I estimate it will increase to 530 million berries.

Now, this fairly large increase will be obtained by Robin for succeeding in overthrowing one of Tobiroppo, namely Black Maria who has a bounty of 480 million berries. In fact, it is predicted that Robin’s bounty could break the 2 billion berry mark. Yes, my friends heard right, 2 billion berries.

That’s due to the fact that Robin is the only person left who can read poneglyphs plus the fact that the world government is aware that Robin and the Straw Hat crew are getting closer to the last island and find One Piece. Therefore, the world government is eager to capture Robin in Wano, which could make Robin’s bounty rise drastically if CP0 and other troops fail to capture Robin in Wano.

8. Usopp: 300,000,000 berries


Well, if some of the previous straw hat crews averaged a significant increase in bounty, I don’t think it will happen to God Usopp. Well, Usopp’s bounty, which initially amounted to 200 million berries, I estimate will only increase to 250 million berries.

The reason is because so far Usopp has only had time to fight Big Mom, who in the end was completely beaten. Likewise when Usopp fought Page 1 and Ulti, where Usopp was getting more and more battered.

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So it’s fixed, Usopp’s contribution in the Wano war only beat Kaido’s crocs and fired Otama’s kibi dango. So, it seems natural that Usopp will not experience a large bounty increase. However, seeing Usopp’s character, who sometimes gets a bounty that is suddenly quite large, actually has the opportunity to get a bounty of 400 or 500 million berries.

9. Nami: 166,000,000


Then, the next straw hat crew who will get a bounty increase but not too significant, is Nami. Nami, who has a bounty of 66 million berries, is likely to get a bounty increase of only 100 million berries, which is to 166 million berries.

The reason is, Nami did have time to fight against Ulti and Big Mom, but Nami didn’t beat them both. Nami instead just pitted them against each other. So, I don’t think Nami will get too much bounty increase from her fight against Big Mom and Ulti.

Yes, even though I managed to get Zeus back, then I estimate the number 166 million berries is a suitable number to be Nami’s bounty after the Wanokuni arc is over.

10. Chopper: 1,000 berries/100,000,000 berries


Well, the straw hat crew who has the lowest bounty value after the Wanokuni arc, of course, is none other than Tony Tony Chopper. Chopper, who currently has a bounty of 100 berries, I expect will increase.

However, because this chopper seems to be a character who always gets a joke bounty, so I have 2 predictions for chopper’s latest bounty. First, if the chopper is still only considered a pet, then the possibility of the chopper’s bounty will only increase to 1,000 berries. However, if the chopper has been recognized as a core crew that is even a great fighter, then it is possible that the chopper will get a bounty of 100 million berries.

Well, that’s because the chopper himself has fought Big Mom and Queen, whose bounty is above 1 billion berries. Yes, although the chopper itself is not comparable to Big Mom or Queen, the fact that the chopper can survive the two of them should be worthy of being rewarded with a bounty of 100 million berries. What do you guys think, does it make sense?

That’s my discussion about the straw hat crew’s latest bounty prediction after the Wano war ended in the latest One Piece 1053 manga. So, will my predictions this time be exactly the same as those that will appear in the manga One Piece 1053? Let’s prove it together when we read the upcoming One Piece manga chapter 1053! May be useful.