5 Strongest Hunter Types in the Hunter x Hunter Series

5 Strongest Hunter Types in the Hunter x Hunter Series

There are many kinds of Hunter professions in the Hunter x Hunter anime. There are at least 24 types of Hunter in this series and all of them are hunting for different things. Of course, many fans are curious about which type of Hunter produces the strongest Hunters.

This time, the author has selected the five strongest types of Hunter in the Hunter x Hunter series . Not without reason, Hunters in these five categories on average have strong abilities and are very dangerous. Come on, let’s review below!

5 Strongest Hunter Types in the Hunter x Hunter

1. Terrorist Hunter

Terrorist Hunter focuses on tracking and capturing terrorists. To stop potential terror, a Terrorist Hunter must at least have abilities that are tailored to the mission, such as deductive reasoning, interrogation, and of course sufficient fighting skills when dealing directly with terrorists.

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One of the Terrorist Hunters in this series is the Dragon Zodiac, Botobai Gigante. Botobai himself is a three-star Hunter who also works as a public prosecutor. Due to his profession, Botobai has extensive knowledge of criminal and anti-terrorist protocols.

2. Blacklist Hunter

Blacklist Hunter focuses on hunting down the most wanted and dangerous criminals. Because it has a dangerous task, Blacklist Hunter has Nen abilities that are very efficient to use in combat. It is not surprising that this Hunter category is filled with people who are skilled in fighting, both physically and using Nen.

Kurapika’s character is one of the Blacklist Hunters in this series. With his goal of hunting down the Genei Ryodan, Kurapika excels in the fight due to his possession of a special Nen chain to catch the group of thieves.

3. Ruins Hunter

Ruins Hunter works like an archaeologist in the Hunter Association. This type of Hunter specializes in finding ancient ruins and sites. In addition to having extensive knowledge of history and culture, Ruins Hunter is also prepared with various abilities in case of facing threats that may occur, such as traps in ancient sites.

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Ging Freecss and Satotz are two characters that belong to the Ruins Hunter category. Both of these Hunters have strong endurance and sharp instincts so they fit into this category.

4. Unclassified Hunter

As the name suggests, this type of Hunter doesn’t really fall into any category. However, make no mistake, this makes them more flexible and able to hunt anything. Moreover, there were many Unclassified Hunters who possessed terrifying Nen powers.

Illumi Zoldyck‘s character belongs to the Unclassified Hunter type. He dominantly uses his power to carry out assassination missions. In addition to Illumi, the strong characters belonging to the Unclassified Hunter type are Hisoka and Isaac Netero.

5. Crime Hunter

Crime Hunter may be somewhat similar to Terrorist Hunter. It’s just that, Crime Hunter has a wider criminal search scale than Terrorist Hunter. This type of hunter also has a mission to solve various cases in the criminal world. In addition to having high deduction abilities, a Crime Hunter must be equipped with physical abilities and strong enough Nen in order to excel in battle.

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Mizaistom Nana, also known as the Ox Zodiac, is a Crime Hunter. In addition to having a strong physique, Mizaistom also has sharp intuition and is well versed in the law to help him solve many cases.

The five types of Hunter above can be said to be very strong not only in terms of physicality, but also in terms of intelligence and Nen abilities. However, it is also possible that other types of Hunters, such as Treasure Hunters, Disease Hunters, Beast Hunters, and Rookie Hunters, also have their respective potentials and can compete with the five types of Hunters above. Which type of Hunter do you think is the strongest in the Hunter x Hunter series ? Come on, give your opinion in the comments column!