Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 8 will include a body temperature sensor capable of detecting fever, according to rumors

The upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch will include new health tracking features, including the ability to detect if the wearer has a fever and sudden changes in body temperature.

As Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman recalled in his Power On newsletter , this device, which is expected to launch in spring, will incorporate a star feature that Apple has been working on for months.

It was last April when Gurman announced that the company was trying to incorporate a body temperature detection system into this model and that it had undergone internal tests.

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Now, Gurman has confirmed that this feature will be integrated both among the functionalities of the standard Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatch and for another edition intended for athletes.

However, it has ruled out reaching the final version of the SE version of this wearable , whose launch is also scheduled for this year.

Gurman has pointed out that this functionality, still in the testing phase, will not offer the user a specific temperature, like a thermometer.

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What it will be able to do is determine the possibility that the user has a fever. In that case, he might recommend the use of a specific thermometer or see a doctor.

It should be remembered that, in addition to Gurman, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted last May through Twitter the possible debut of the personal temperature measurement sensor this year.

This expert suggests that Apple canceled the body temperature measurement in the previous model, the Apple Watch 7, because the algorithm failed just before entering the engineering verification test (EVT).

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The analyst stresses that temperature measurement is a particularly challenging function for technology companies such as Apple, since it tends to vary rapidly depending on the environment.

The hardware does not have the ability to find a solution in isolation, so it needs to work closely with a “great” algorithm to work together to accomplish the goals.

Apple Watch Series 8