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The Most Popular Anime Girls in 2022 From Any Genres

Most of the way into 2022, and we as of now have the most popular anime girls kicking it in with their charms. So the storiesbase group chose to feature the most well known anime girls of 2022 up until this point. All in all, Anime generally presents to us the most amazing female characters out there who wind up capturing everyone’s attention more often than not. They are something beyond beautiful anime girls or the hero’s old flame. They depict a feeling of distinction and uniqueness whether it’s charming or boss, they can pull everything off.

Whether it’s Shoujo or Shounen, they leave an imprint in everybody’s heart. The principal reason they start solid is to assist the male hero with arriving at their maximum capacity. For example Mikasa Ackermann prepared for Eren to where he is presently.

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Most Popular Anime Girls of 2022

Indeed, even in 2022, anime girls continue to astonish us with their capacities and show us how things are finished, or they simply liquefy the hearts of the crowd with their adorable and sweet nature. We’re hanging around for everything! So we should drill down the most famous anime girls in 2022 up to this point.

1. Anya Forger

spy x family anya forger

She takes the No.1 spot, no inquiries posed, Period. Anya, the charming wad of shocks, was at that point a fan most loved second after the anime Spy X Family was delivered. Her history is a vagrant who was beforehand a guinea pig, in this manner, she has clairvoyant capacities. Her adorable minimal senseless articulations are amazing, particularly the “heh”. She didn’t just enchant everybody with her cute nature yet demonstrated that she meant quite a bit to the plot too.

2. Marin Kitagawa

My Dress Up Darling Marin 1

Kitagawa San has overwhelmed the web. Wherever you go, IT’S KITAGAWA SAN. Her appeal is rippling through every one of the online entertainment stages.

Her energetic love for cosplay is essentially clear all through the anime. Well, she’s the most interesting anime character for all the cosplayers out there. No big surprise this youthful muddled cosplayer makes into each rundown of the most well-known anime young ladies of 2022.

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3. Maki Zenin

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 148 Read Online For Free How to Read the Manga Legally

Next is the blazing girl from the Zenin family. Maki is a person who endeavors to push herself forward without taking any kind of help from others. She is major areas of strength for incredibly, able, and spurred to get away from the assumptions put on her by her “supposed” family. The rundown of Most famous anime girls of 2022 is only fragmented without our green-headed boss.

4. Komi Shouko

aLHkcN 2

Who says she mightn’t? Like, Hello! Talk is cheap, Komi-san had us all Flippin with her charm and her fanciful notion nature, and could we at any point pause for a minute to see the value in those lovely eyes. Despite the fact that her social tension came in the manner, that didn’t prevent her from making companions. The Anime is healthy in its manner.

5. Kaguya Shinomiya


Then, we have is the chilly Kaguya. She was something else altogether prior to joining the understudy committee, yet she bit by bit changed. During her underlying days in board, she believed Miyuki Shirogane to be somebody with whom she would be fine assuming he admitted first, in this way, she ceaselessly plays mind games to inspire him to admit. Later in the series, her ways of behaving hint that she is starting to embrace her affection for Miyuki, however she declines to communicate it transparently. Our young lady is simply acting shy.

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6. Nezuko Kamado

nezuko kamado kimetsu no yaiba

Continuing on toward the rundown of Popular Anime girls in 2022, we have Ne..Ne..Nezuko Chan! The meaning of kind and the most cherishing sister, anybody might at any point request. She influenced Zenitsu as well as hit the entire web with her wonderment. The images, however (gourmet expert’s kiss). Evil presence structure or human, pass on it to caring Nezuko Chan to save her companions from any risk.

7. Mikasa Ackerman


“At the point when You’re The Queen. You Should Punch That Runt For Me”, broadly cited by one of our #1 Ackerman. Pass on it to Mikasa to show us how it’s done while battling Titans. The dazzling scout really focuses profoundly on her companions, and we as a whole expertise she can wipe the total of the titans for Eren. She not just saved him an innumerable number of times yet assist him with settling on significant choices.

8. Yor Forger

yor forger hd spy x family 1280x720 1

At long last, we have the wonderful professional killer on our rundown Yor Forger, otherwise known as the “Thistle Princess.” The staggering dark haired professional killer satisfies our hopes with her battle groupings, and how might we fail to remember her stunning job as a mother and a spouse. From housemaker in the day and a professional killer around evening time, I can’t bring up a solitary defect, this lady is great!

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