Revolutionary Army in One Piece

The Most Powerful Members of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece

The Revolutionary Army in One Piece has some of the strongest members. These troops are rebel forces who want to overthrow the World Government.

Their existence is quite troubling for the World Government and the Navy. The Revolutionary Army is led by none other than Monkey D Luffy’s father, Monkey D Dragon.

Dragon wants to overthrow the World Government and free the shackled nations under it. So far, they have liberated a number of these countries. In its development, this organization is considered dangerous and a threat to the government.

Their movements are also unpredictable. In fact, the headquarters of this organization is hard to find. Who are the strongest members of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece ? Here’s the review!

Most Powerful Members of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece

1. Monkey D Dragon

Dragon is the World Government’s most wanted fugitive. Monkey D Garp’s son is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece .

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He’s only been shown a few times. Like in Loguetwon, when he saved Luffy from Smoker’s threat. Dragon is seen in a long green robe with a hood and tattoos on his face.

Dragon is suspected to be a Kaze Kaze no Mi Devil Fruit eater. This Devil Fruit can manipulate the weather. Meanwhile, Dragon seems to be able to manipulate the weather. While rescuing Luffy, suddenly a mysterious vortex appeared so that the Straw Hat Captain could escape from Smoker.

2. Sabo

Sabo is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army. Before getting to know Luffy, he was actually a descendant of royalty. However, he ran away from his house.

Sabo was thought to be dead before it was discovered he was still alive and joining the Revolutionary Army. In the Dressrosa story arc , she met Luffy and managed to obtain Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi Devil Fruit. With that fruit, Sabo’s power became extraordinary.

Sabo’s fate is currently a mystery after being last seen in Levelie , where he and the members of the Revolutionary Army attempted to save Kuma.

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3. Emporio Ivankov

Queen Okama from the Kamabakka Kingdom is a close friend of Dragon. He was first shown in the Impel Down story arc when he helped Luffy escape and head for Marineford.

Ivankov is a user of the Horu Horu no Mi Devil Fruit. Its power can produce hormones that can affect the body’s working system. Ivankov can also change a person’s gender.

Ivankov’s ability is certainly unquestionable. He deserves to be called one of the strongest members of the revolutionary forces. He guards Luffy while fighting with the navy in the Marineford arc .

4. Bartholomew Kuma

Kuma is a revolutionary army spy who was once a member of the Shichibukai. He is a eater of the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. His strength is that he can reflect various types of attacks with his hands.

In addition, he also flew someone to a great distance. Not only that, he can also give a kind of shockwave with an ability called Ursus Shock. Unfortunately, his fate was tragic. Once referred to as an experimental material for the world government, Kuma is currently a slave to the Tenryuubito. This was what caused Sabo and his army to move towards Mariejois.

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5. Karasu

Karasu is the Commander of the Northern Army of the Revolutionary Army. From his appearance, he looked like a black crow in a fur coat he was wearing.

Karasu is an unknown Zoan-type Devil Fruit user. The fruit gave him quite an interesting ability. He can turn himself into a flock of crows. This ability looks similar to the ability of Itachi Uchiha in Naruto.

6. Belo Betty

Belo Betty is the Commander of the Revolutionary Army’s Eastern Army. She has the appearance of short purple hair in a bob style. In addition, he is usually seen wearing glasses and smoking.

Belo Betty is a Kobu Kobu no Mi Devil Fruit eater. This fruit can make people around him become enthusiastic. This was done when he made the citizens of the Lulusia Kingdom rise to fight against a group of pirates who attacked his city.

7. Lindbergh

Lindbergh is the Commander of the Revolutionary Army’s Southern Army. He has the shape of a cat with thin fur. In addition, he is often seen wearing glasses, a hat, and a jetpack that allows him to fly. In his personality, Lindbergh seemed to really enjoy fighting. He also likes to test his latest homemade weapons against enemies.