The story of BTS

The story of BTS’s ‘Kim Hong-do’ genre painting at a Singapore hotel

“Dance that gives you a sense of freedom” Why Jimin chose ‘No-Dong’

He is full of excitement in the dance where he supports his body with his left foot with a crooked foot and swings his arms. On the 9th, Danwon Kim Hong-do’s ‘Mudong’ was hung in a building in the center of the Mariana Bay Sands Hotel, a famous tourist destination in Singapore.

The exhibition site is the portal site Google. This is a ‘BTS Street Gallery’ project where Google provides online artworks selected by seven members of the group BTS with images of the works in six locations around the world.

The exhibition organizer who put up a Korean genre painting in the middle of Singapore is Jimin of BTS. Regarding the reason for choosing ‘Mudong’, he explained, “I learned both modern dance and classical ballet. In the picture, the dance that is danced in a blurry way resembles Jimin on stage, breaking the frame with fine lines even in a group dance that is well-rounded.

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The other six members set up online exhibition halls in Seoul (RM, Jungkook), New York (J-Hope), Los Angeles (Sugar), London (V), and Sao Paulo (Jin) through Google, respectively.

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J-Hope chose the UN headquarters in New York, USA as the exhibition site. BTS has a deep connection with this place. Last year, I attended the high-level meeting of the Sustainable Development Goals held here as a ‘Presidential Special Envoy for Future Generations and Culture’.

In this building, J-Hope hung a sculpture image of Jean-Baptiste Carpo’s ‘Genius of the Dance’. “You mean ‘dance genius,’ are you talking about me? Before debuting as a BTS member, I took dance lessons for many years and worked as a member of an underground dance group. Every time I dance, I feel as free as this statue.” . This is the reason why J-Hope chose his own work.

‘Blood, Sweat, Tears’ in the practice room… “Hold my hand when there are difficulties”

Jungkook selected the Cheongju Building, Gangnam-gu, Seoul as the exhibition site. BTS prepared for their debut by pouring ‘blood sweat and tears’ on the first basement floor of this building. In the cradle of the K-pop idol group, Jungkook hung the image of Harriet Hosmer’s ‘Clapsed Hands of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning’.

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Jungkook said, “As the youngest member of the group, we have grown up together with BTS.” “Whenever there were many difficulties and difficulties, other members held my hand, and I think we are where we are now because we always cheered and helped each other. “He explained why he chose this work.

RM, known as an art lover, planned the exhibition with Namdaemun and nearby buildings as the background. In his exhibition hall, pictures of William Turner’s paintings ‘Venice from the Porch of Madonna della Salute’ and ‘White Porcelain Moon Jar Joseon’ were hung.

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Why are purple balloons appearing on the portal site?

On this day, Google was dyed with the symbol color of BTS, purple. After typing ‘BTS’ in English or ‘BTS’ in Korean, click the purple heart that appears in the upper right corner, and a purple balloon fills the screen.

When you click the balloon with a double microphone, a surprise message prepared by the seven members for their fans will appear. According to a Big Hit official, this is a surprise event prepared by BTS to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the birth of ARMY, a fandom.

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Posts related to the BTS event continued on Twitter, and as a result, ‘Google BTS’ came up as a real-time trend search term as of 3pm.


After announcing their intention to temporarily suspend group activities last month, BTS, who announced their solo activities, will hold a concert in Busan in October and gather in front of fans again. This surprise performance was promoted as part of the promotion ambassador for the ‘2030 Busan World Expo’ (Busan Expo) bid committee.

A Park Hit official said, “The goal of the Busan Expo bid performance is for the team to participate, not individual members.” This is because this year is the time when all seven BTS members are highly likely to participate.

BTS member Jin, born in 1992, was selected as an excellent person in the field of popular culture and arts in 2020 and postponed his enlistment until this year, the year he turns 30. If the Special Act on Military Service for Popular Artists is not dealt with, he should enlist within this year.