The Weeknd

The Weeknd Begins After Hours Til Dawn Tour

The Weeknd’s album “Dawn FM” is the equivalent of a dance party in purgatory, his live show is nothing short of pre-apocalyptic delirium.

The passionate singer-songwriter finally launched his After Hours Til Dawn tour on Thursday at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Stadium. The launch has not only suffered from delays from COVID-19 over the past two years, but has also witnessed Delayed Initial Launch Date Last weekend in Toronto, the artists’ hometown, when a nationwide internet outage hampered venue operations.

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This pent-up passion for performance surfaced the moment The Weeknd, wearing a plastic face mask, took off from one of the models of burning buildings erected as part of a skyline on the main stage for ‘Alone Again’, from his massive 2020 album “After Hours”.

From there, there was a flurry of chaotic lighting, tempo drops, and The Weeknd cheered the sold-out crowd with over 45,000 as an avid Peloton coach as he played his impressive top set across the Three Songs “Dawn FM” – “Gasoline”, “Sacrifice ” and “How can I make you love me?”

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The Weeknd begint After Hours Til Dawn Tour

Although no orchestra was present (or at least could be seen), the music was smooth and clear as native Abel Tesfaye hopped between the front stage and the amphitheater that ran the length of the stadium, often surrounded by mysterious dancers in full shrouds. .

At age 32, The Weeknd has already released record-breaking versions — in January, “Dawn FM” topped the Super Bowl halftime show, boycotted the Grammy Awards, and is now filming 24 songs on Billboard’s Global 200 chart. thriving stadium scene.

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