TikTok Lite Apk

TikTok Lite Apk Android and iOS Download Latest Version 2023

TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS is one type of TikTok application that comes with many differences. It has advantages and certainly disadvantages that make this app also a favorite of many people.

To better understand this app, we will provide a complete discussion. Until the difference with the original version in order to know what are the advantages of this application.

What is Tiktok?


But before discussing the TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS and the download link. Here we will also discuss about one of the most popular video sharing platforms.

TikTok is a video sharing based social media that is very popular in the world. This application has been used in almost all countries in the world. And Indonesia is one of the users with a fairly large number of active users.

This means that this application is quite a favorite for users in Indonesia, both teenagers, children and adults. It seems like he really likes this application because it is not only fun to use this application also has many benefits.

The first benefit that makes this application liked by many people, is because this application can be entertainment in their spare time. Many people use this application for fun by creating creative content that goes viral.

Users can also enjoy a variety of interesting and entertaining videos. In addition, there are also lots of videos sharing tips and useful information for many people.

TikTok itself was created by a developer from China named Zhang Yi Ming and was founded in 2016. But when entering the pandemic period, this application became very viral.

This cannot be separated from the number of people who want to find work when the lockdown is enforced in several countries. Until now, TikTok has become very popular and often the video content in it has gone viral.

TikTok has even inspired several other major social media to create short video sharing features with the addition of unique filters and music. Like Instagram and YouTube, adapting the trend of viral short videos from TikTok.

Review of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

As one of the applications that is quite viral, TikTok even has many versions. One of them is the Lite version. Many think that this Lite version is the same as regular TikTok.

Even though both clearly have significant differences, both in terms of appearance, function and features. TikTok Lite itself is a lightweight version of the TikTok application which is much smaller in size when compared to the regular version.

TikTok Lite itself was created by a development company called TikTok PTE ltd by providing a special design. And applied to TikTok Lite to be able to watch a collection of short videos more stably because of its lighter size.

In addition, this version also has the general functions that exist in ordinary TikTok such as the feature of making videos, cool and cool filters. And share his video to the whole world,

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Because of these advantages, many TikTok lovers prefer to use TikTok Lite, especially since this application can also be used on the iOS system for iPhone device users.

Features of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

When viewed from the functions and features, actually this version does not have much difference when compared to the original version. Because of this version TikTok Lite has a much lighter size.

So that it is more stable to use, especially for TikTok users who have devices with low specifications.

This lite version is also equipped with the latest features that are very useful for its users. The following are some of the features available in the Lite version of TikTok:

  • Capable of capturing images using higher speeds. Because of the complete recognition feature and adapted to the expression.
  • Has details that can be displayed perfectly because it has high quality.
  • The interface or interface is cleaner, neater so that it is free of bugs because it can make the display faster and faster.
  • It has features that can turn your HP device into an amazing recording studio, because it is equipped with unique and up-to-date filters.
  • Able to display special effects and synchronization with technological sophistication which is quite perfect.
  • Can make very creative videos and share them around the world without any restrictions so that videos can go viral.

Key Features of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

As previously explained, this application has features and functions that are not much different from the regular version. And you could say that some of the features in this Lite version have advantages when compared to the regular version.

There are even some features that exist in this Lite version that will not be found in the regular version. Because the Lite version is claimed to be a development of the old TikTok application.

So don’t be surprised if there are some parts of the TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS that will not be found on the original TikTok. And here are the main features in this Lite version:

1. Lighter Size

The first thing that is most distinguishable from the Lite and regular versions is the size. Of course the size portion of TikTok Lite is much lower. If in the regular version the size of the application reaches 75 MB.

Unlike the Lite version which only has a size of 21 MB. More than twice that, right? This is specifically for the download version only. As for the application version, TikTok Lite only takes up to 182 MB.

While ordinary TikTok can spend up to 300 MB in size. From here alone can determine the difference.

With a smaller size, some of the features available on TikTok Lite are also limited. Several features such as block lists, live photos, due, react to wallet features are removed in the TikTok Lite version.

It’s not just the features that are ultimately limited, to make this application also made with a much more different appearance from the appearance of the regular version of TikTok. But on some displays there are slight differences.

The most visible difference is in the logo section, both of which have clearly visible differences. However, when it comes to the appearance of the two, they are not much different from the five menus that can be directly seen when you open them.

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Starting from the display of the home menu, upload, profile, inbox to search, which means that the menus in these two applications are not too different.

In addition, if on normal TikTok, you can now make videos and upload them with a slightly longer duration, which is up to 3 minutes. However, TikTok Lite can only make videos of up to 15 seconds.

But the advantage of the Lite application is that its light size makes even low end cellphones able to use this application. Unlike the usual TikTok which definitely requires higher specifications.

So the potato cellphone can still enjoy using TikTok without having to worry about the cellphone experiencing bugs or lag.

2. Invite New Users

It’s no secret that the TikTok Lite Apk application for Android and IOS has features that are beneficial for users. Because users can invite friends to get points.

By collecting points, there will be lots of prizes that can be obtained, because every time you successfully invite friends to join TikTok, you will get a prize of 60 thousand.

So just count how many prizes you can get every time you successfully invite friends. Of course, the more friends you invite, the more results you will get.

How to invite profitable friends can be done by sharing a link or invitation code through personal chat or social media. For example like WhatsApp, Instagram and others.

3. Watching Videos

Not only by inviting friends to get prizes, watching videos can also get abundant prizes. Just collect the prizes so you can get abundant points.

The points that will be earned can be calculated according to the duration of watching the video content. The longer you watch the video, the more bonuses you get. In this way, earn points every day to get more bonuses.

4. Uploading Videos

Consistently uploading a video can also give you a lot of points through this TikTok Lite application. In fact, every video or content uploaded will give you 3000 points.

Imagine if you upload videos or content every day, the points and prizes you get will definitely be abundant.

Pros and Cons of TikTok Lite

Based on the reviews above, this application has many advantages when compared to the original version. But even though it has advantages, it is certain that this application also has some disadvantages.

Some of the features and functions found in the original version cannot be found in the Lite version. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the TikTok Lite application.

Advantages of TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

Some of the advantages of TikTok Lite that will not be found in the original version, make this application feel superior. Following are some of its advantages:

  • Can generate money directly that can be withdrawn to the account.
  • It has a low application size so it is light because it does not take up a lot of RAM capacity on the cellphone.
  • The small size will also make the quota more efficient when compared to using the regular version.
  • It can be used to create video content easily because it has a simple and easy to understand interface.
  • Can make an ordinary cellphone into a sophisticated and unique studio.
  • Used to combine videos and images perfectly.
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Disadvantages of TikTok Lite

This application also has several shortcomings in the form of several features that are in the regular version but not in the Lite version:

  • Cannot be used to create videos with a length of about 15 seconds.
  • Without the report feature.
  • The menu in Settings is not as complete as in the regular version.
  • It has no notification or message icon on the app.

Difference between TikTok Lite and Regular TikTok

When viewed from the advantages and disadvantages listed above, these two applications do have differences. But for more details, the following are some of the differences that exist in the two versions of this application.

  • Applications have different sizes, the Lite version is lower in size while the regular version has a larger size of up to 500 MB.
  • The appearance of the two applications is actually not too different, there are only a few appearances in the simplified Lite version. Even so, the overall appearance is not too much different.
  • In the regular version of course the Settings, features, configuration and privacy menus are more complete when compared to the lite version.
  • If on normal TikTok there is a report feature with many reporting methods used. In this version there is no such feature because there is no exclamation mark icon.
  • The search page in the regular version usually has ad recommendations on it and there is also a scan code or QR Code feature that can be used to sign up for an account. But in the Lite version there are no ad recommendations and QR Codes.
  • The message notification logo or DM on the regular version is there, but not on the Lite version.
  • On TikTok Lite, users can only make 15-second videos, while the regular version can create content videos of up to 3 minutes.
  • Apart from all the differences, basically TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS still have the same functions as the regular version of TikTok. So both are equally fun.

Download TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS

But if you want to try this Lite version, just download it via the link provided below:

App Name TikTok Lite
Version 18.9.3
Size 55 MB
Android 4.1+
Developer TikTok PTE ltd
Download Link Download

Actually TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS is downloaded for free on the Google Play Store as one of the official app store providers. As for iOS users, you can download it on the App Store.

How to Install TikTok Lite Apk on Android and iOS

For how to install the TikTok Lite application on Android, the method is actually the same as installing it on a regular application. But for the iOS version for those who don’t know how to install it, here’s how to install the TikTok application on iOS:

  1. The first step is to download TikTok Lite Apk via the Play Store or App Store to download TikTok Lite Apk for Android and IOS. Or you can directly click on the link that we have provided above.
  2. Then proceed by clicking the download button to start downloading the application.
  3. Just wait until the download process is complete.
  4. Continue by installing this application on the device used by installing it as usual.
  5. If the application is installed, you can use it to view interesting video collections or even create your own content to make it viral.
  6. Done.

Actually, when viewed in general, how to install TikTok on Android and iOS is not much different, only the application store is different. Namely on the PlayStore for Android users and on the App Store for iOS users.

While the difference between TikTok Lite Apk Android and IOS with the regular version of TikTok can be used as a reference for users to use which version.