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BTS: SUGA joins PSY for first-ever live performance

by Storiesbase

BTS members are creating havoc. J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok’s MV Arson is making waves on YouTube. The song is ruling with fans and music critics.

As we know, SUGA aka Min Yoongi could not be present for J-Hope’s listening party. He felt unwell with a cold and fever and got himself tested for COVID-19.

Today, Min Yoongi aka BTS SUGA did his first ever live performance of That That with PSY. It was at the Summer Swag 2022 Festival.

In the clips on social media, we can see that BTS rapper SUGA aka Min Yoongi is singing and dancing with PSY on stage.

SUGA once dropped the mike to prove haters a point. His choreography also looks on point. ARMY is going berserk as expected.