Kundali Bhagya 13 July 2022 episode begins with Preeta telling Karan that he is trying to imitate Karan and asks him why is he doing all this.

She then asks whether he is obsessed with Karan and asserts that no matter how hard he tries, his face will be different.

He then says that he and Karan are the same except for how they look. As she walks out of the room, he steps on her saree and tatters it.

Preeta then calls Karan a psycho fan and recalls how once Karan brought 5 dupattas for her when he tattered his one dupatta.

On the other hand, Rishabh meets Srishti and asks where is Preeta to which she says that she thought Preeta was with him.

She then opens up about her trouble with Sameer and says that she made a mistake marrying him. Rishabh then says that Sameer loves her a lot

Preeta then meets Rishabh and tells him about what she saw in Karan’s room. Rishabh then tells Karan that he is very impatient, to which he asks him not to test his patience.

They both then argue with each other. Meanwhile, Preeta tells Anjali that she should not work for a person like Karan to which she asks why she married Rishabh.

Preeta lashes out at him and asks how can she ask her when she is not even friends with her.On the other hand, as Srishti tries to keep Sameer’s phone in his pocket, Anjali catches her.

Srishti then tells her not to create any misunderstanding between her and her husband.Karan overhears Beeji and Rishabh’s conversation and gets angry about losing everything because of Preeta.