Download WhatsApp Mod WA Mod Apk Latest Version

Download WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod) Apk Latest Version

WhatsApp Mod – WhatsApp has now become a chat application with a very large number of users. Not only that, you can even download and use this WA Mod for free. The original version already has many interesting features for the chat application category.

Even so, it turns out that there are still many WA Mods that offer various advantages and features that are no less interesting than the official WA. Among them are the famous and much-talked-about WhatsApp GB and WhatsApp Aero. For example, the features of the WhatsApp Mod application offer many new experiences for users bored with the official version. It’s just that there are drawbacks to the WA Mod, one of which is that sometimes there are some bugs. You don’t need to worry, because it won’t bother you too much.

What is WhatsApp Mod?

What is WhatsApp Mod

WhatsApp Mod is a modified WhatsApp that the developer has added features such as hiding online status, hiding typing status, hiding audio recording status, and many more.

There are other added benefits of this WhatsApp Mod application, such as you can turn off the blue tick if it reads a message someone sent you while you can still see the blue tick on the message they have read.

Not only hiding privacy, with WA Mod you can even change the user interface of the entire application with the help of the themes available in the application for free and there are more than 1000 themes for WA.

Link Download WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod)

The following are some WhatsApp Mod applications that you can try to use. Please select the WA Mod application that suits your needs.

GB WhatsApp

The GB WhatsApp application is almost the same in function as the official WA which has various additional features. In this version, users can easily hide their online WA status to other users. The developer of the GB WA application is Team GB. This WhatsApp Mod can work on all types of smartphones.

Following are some of the interesting features of GB WhatsApp:

  • Allows users to send photo files with a number of up to 75 more in one send
  • Sending large video files
  • Has many language options that users can choose according to their needs
  • many choices of themes that users can apply
  • Get rid of notifications or blue ticks and online status
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Link Download WA Mod GB WhatsApp:

App Name GB WhatsApp
Version 18.30.0
Update 21/11/2021
File Size 52.5
Feature Anti Banned

Download Gb WhatsApp

WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero has a simple interface and has an elegant user interface. This allows you to operate efficiently. This mod has material style icons and menus that are easier to navigate. This WhatsApp Mod has the option to download the theme and install it while in the application. The most interesting feature of WA Aero is that it can save and load or restore custom themes in .xml format.

The following are some of the interesting features of WhatsApp Aero:

  • Has a more relaxed theme gradation than flat colors
  • There is an anti-delete message feature
  • Can hide online status
  • Can hide blue ticks
  • Have a bubble chat style
  • Can download video and photo status
  • Can copy text status
  • Link Download WA Mod WhatsApp Aero:
App Name WhatsApp Aero
Version 18.30.0
Update 21/11/2021
File Size 52.5
Feature Anti Banned

Download WhatsApp Aero

Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp comes in three variants and you can install all of them on Android phones running Android 4.0 and up. You can download themes, customize user interface according to your choice with this WhatsApp Mod application.

Following are some of the interesting features of Yo WhatsApp:

  • Send 100 pictures at once
  • Show different profile photos in one group
  • Can send messages to blocked contacts without unblocking
  • Send all APK, ZIP, PDF files
  • 4000+ themes available
  • Hide blue tick, online status, typing status

Link Download WA Mod Yo WhatsApp:

App Name Yo WhatsApp
Version 18.30.0
Update 21/11/2021
File Size 52.5
Feature Anti Banned

Download WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus was first released and became very popular. But with the development over time, many new Mods appear. However, WA Plus has interesting features that are not available in the WA version available on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this is not a clone version, and you have to delete the original WA from the smartphone before installing this WhatsApp Mod.

Following are some of the interesting features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • Emoji Support
  • Make video calls with four members in one group
  • Auto reply when busy
  • Hide online status
  • Send large video files
  • Send high resolution photos without losing quality
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Link Download WA Mod WhatsApp Plus:

App Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 18.30.0
Update 21/11/2021
File Size 52.5
Feature Anti Banned

Download WhatsApp Plus

How To Install WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod)

All WhatsApp Mod applications require an Android smartphone running on Android 4.0 or above. You have to allow the installation of 3rd party apps on the smartphone by going to the Settings menu of the phone and then to Security where you will find the option to enable third party Mods or unknown sources. You will not need root access to install any WA Mod because installing this app is like installing any other normal Android Apk.

The following is how to install the WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod) application:

  • Make sure you have downloaded and saved the WA Mod APK file on HP memory
  • Go to the Settings menu on the Android phone
  • Go to the Additional Settings menu > Privacy
  • Enable the Unknown Sources option
  • Go to the folder where the WhatsApp Mod APK file is stored then install it

Advantages and Features of WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod)

Features WhatsApp Mod Version Official Version
Has many themes to choose x
Status Downloaded x
Make video status longer x
More status text restrictions x
Hide last seen status
Hide online status x
Display status always online x
Schedule automatic message delivery x
Automatic message reply x
hide typing status x
hide audio recording status
send large files x
send HD quality photos and videos x

If you use this WhatsApp Mod, you will get some additional features that are not found in the official WhatsApp . Some of these additional features include:

  • You will get tons of privacy options.
  • This third-party WA Mod application supports many different languages.
  • If you have a private chat with anyone, you can easily hide this chat or even lock the chat.
  • You can customize the design according to your own choice.
  • With the help of these third-party Mod applications, you can do things that might not be possible with the official WA.
  • When sharing media files such as images and videos, WhatsApp has a limit on sharing a limited file size. But with the help of this Mod, you can exceed the limit.
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Disadvantages and Dangers of WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod)

The official WhatsApp developers have mentioned that they do not support third-party WA Mods. The official WA party may block your number if you use this Mod.

If you want to use, then we recommend using it with different numbers and devices.

You will not have the option to file a complaint or feedback, if you use the WA Mod. It’s best not to use this third-party WhatsApp Mod application along with the official WA.

This is a risk you have to face if you use modified WA. These third-party WA Mod apps are not illegal, but neither are they safe. If you still want to use it then make sure to use it only for research or for fun.

If you decide to use the WA Mod application, be sure to pay attention to the points as mentioned below. These are some basic points that you should keep in mind.

  • If using Mod apps, be careful because these third party Mods have no guarantee that they won’t read your messages and media files.
  • Be sure to use it with caution if using this Mode.
  • These third party WA apps can cause malware and spyware on the device and there is no official company behind these third party apps.
  • This mod is not officially managed by any company.
  • You will be fully responsible if you encounter any problems in the future.
  • This third party mod is unofficial and not even affiliated with WhatsApp Inc.
  • This WA Mod will not be found on PlayStore or AppStore.

Is it Safe to Use WhatsApp Mod (WA Mod)?

WhatsApp Mod is a modified version of the original WA on the Google Play Store. It is safe to use as long as you download from here as we have scanned the app and found no traces of any viruses or malware. We have installed and tested this WA Mod ourselves and found it safe from blocking. However, to keep your main WA account safe, we recommend using another number if you decide to use this Mod.

Download and install the WhatsApp Mod application only if you are really satisfied and like to explore new features that are not in the official WA. You can also check out Instagram Mod, which has advanced features like downloading photos, downloading stories, hiding the stories you see, etc.

What you need to pay attention to is that we strongly recommend using not the main number when you use this WA Mod. This is to avoid if one day your WA account is banned by WhatsApp for using the WhatsApp Mod application.