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How to Download WhatsApp Web, Login, QR Code + A-Z Tutorial 2023

WhatsApp is a word you must have heard many times. WhatsApp is indeed increasingly popular and has been used by all smartphone users. Currently there is a WhatsApp apps that can be used on other devices, namely WhatsApp Web. How to download WhatsApp Web?

Before downloading the WhatsApp Web application or using it, first find out what WA Web actually is, how this application works, whether this application is the same as the regular version of WhatsApp on smartphones, and on what devices WhatsApp Web can be used.

Get to know the WhatsApp Web Application Deeper

WhatsApp is a chat or messaging application that can be installed on mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iOS, and Android. With this application, as long as you and the recipient of the message are both connected to the internet, sending and receiving messages can be carried out smoothly.

WhatsApp can also be used to make voice calls or video calls with someone in your contacts. WhatsApp Web or WA Web is the same application but designed to be used on different devices, namely on computers.

Even though they are both WhatsApp, there is a striking difference between the WA application for mobile devices and the WA application designed for computer devices.

Terms of Using WhatsApp Web

What is different from the WA Web application is that you can choose to download WA Web or use the WA Web website via a web browser application on a computer device. Before starting to use WA Web, there are several conditions that need to be understood first, namely:

  • WA Web can only be used if you already have a registered WA account on a mobile device, both on iOS devices and on Android devices. WA for mobile can be installed on Android 4.0.3 and on iPhone with a minimum operating system of iOS 9.
  • If you don’t have a WhatsApp account, an absolute requirement that must be met is to create a new WhatsApp account in the mobile version of the WA application that is already installed on Android and iOS devices. Without a WA account you cannot use the WA Web application.
  • The internet connection connected to the computer device must be smooth and strong. If you don’t want to download the application, you need the latest and most updated version of the web browser application so that WA Web can be used smoothly.

The WA Web version of the application can be downloaded from any web browser and installed on your computer. But if there is not enough storage or you want to use WA Web without installing additional applications, use the most updated Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, or Edge.

WA Web cannot be used to create a new WhatsApp account. This application will only display a QR code that must be scanned through the WA application installed on the mobile device. Later, the WA on the cellphone will appear on the WA Web application on the PC or laptop.

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Various Features in the WA Web Application

Another thing you need to know before downloading WA Web and using this application is the various features available on WhatsApp Web. The WA Web and WA applications for smartphones have more or less the same features but there are also differences between the two versions.

By understanding what features are and aren’t available on WA Web, you can predict how this app will be used and how it differs from the WhatsApp app designed for mobile devices. The following are some of the features in the WhatsApp Web application.

1. Send private messages and in groups

Like its smartphone version, WA Web allows you to send and receive messages. Because it’s connected to the keyboard, you can type messages and send them to your contacts or to any of the existing groups or to the groups you just created.

To create a new WA message, you can type the recipient’s name in the Search field or start new start. Click on a contact that appears and then start writing the message you want in the pane on the right. To create a new group, click the three dots at the top right and select New group.

Select some of the contacts you want to add to the group, add a group name and group photo. After the group is created, start typing the message to be sent in the right panel of the WA Web application.

2. Manage WA groups more easily

The WA Web application allows you to manage group chats more easily. You can create groups of up to 256 people, send chats faster, and share videos and photos more freely.

You can also adjust the group settings easily. For example, to turn off notifications from a WA group, click the WA group until all chats in that group appear in the right pane of the WA Web application. Click the three dots in the right pane to open the group settings.

Select Mute notifications to turn off notifications from the WA group. You can choose to mute group chats for only 8 hours, 1 week, or forever.

3. Download and share all files conveniently

Many people are interested in downloading WA Web because this application is more practical to use, especially in sending and downloading various data. To share a document, video or photo, you just need to open File Explorer and find the file to send.

After that, open the WA Web application and click on one of the chats that will be the destination for sending this data. Drag the file in File Explorer to the WA Web chat window and then press the enter key. The file will be immediately sent to the recipient. This is easier to do on a PC or laptop.

4. Send stickers, emoticons, and voice messages

Like the WhatsApp application for mobile devices, WA Web running on your computer can be used to send voice messages or voice messages as long as the computer device is connected to a microphone and of course the internet.

This voice message feature will not work if the PC you use to access the WA Web application is not equipped with a microphone. In addition, all the stickers that you download on your cellphone and all the stickers that you add to your favorites can also be accessed on WA Web on your PC.

Unfortunately, if a friend sends a funny sticker, WA Web does not provide a feature to save the sticker to favorites. You can only do it on the smartphone version of WA.

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5. All chat features are available on WA Web

After downloading WA Web, you will find all the chat features when exchanging messages with other WhatsApp users. You can reply to a message by clicking the arrow button on one of the messages and then selecting the Reply button.

To forward the message to another chat window, click the arrow button next to the message you want to forward and select the Forward message menu. Check several other messages if you want to forward multiple messages at once. After that click the arrow button on the bottom right.

Select a recipient of the message and then click the send button represented by the paper airplane icon. All the messages you selected earlier will be forwarded to the recipients you specify.

6. Change your WhatsApp profile

Like WA for smartphones, WA Web can also be used to edit your WhatsApp profile. The trick is to click on your profile photo in the upper left of the WA Web window. You can change profile photo, change username and status information easily.

If the account linked to WA Web is a WA business account, you can also change some details such as your business name, business category, business description, business address, email address, website, catalog of products you sell, and your business hours of operation.

All of this information can be changed easily thanks to the simple WA Web controls on the left side of the WA Web window. All changes to profile information are saved automatically.

7. View WA contact information or details

When you open a message window or chat with someone, you’ll see their profile picture, profile name, and last seen information at the top of the WA Web window. Click that section to view the WA profile in more detail.

Download WA Web and see for yourself what the contact looks like in the far right pane of the WA Web window. Details such as the contact’s phone number, media and files sent between you and the contact, as well as info about the same group will also appear there.

There are several actions you can take with each contact, namely deleting the chat, reporting the WhatsApp account, and blocking the account.

Features Coming Soon on WA Web

Currently, some of the features that exist in WA for smartphones cannot be found on the WA Web. Examples are voice calls and video calls that still cannot be made on WA Web even though the computer device is connected to the camera and microphone.

But currently WhatsApp developers are still developing WA Web so that later voice calls and video calls can be made immediately both in WA for smartphones, tablets, and for computer devices.

To be able to use this calling feature, WhatsApp users still have to be patient until the Beta version is successfully optimized so that the calling feature is available for WA Web.

How to Download WA Web and Use It

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to use WhatsApp Web. Many think that WhatsApp Web can only be used on computers. When in fact there is a special way to use WhatsApp Web on mobile devices too.

To download WhatsApp Web app or use WhatsApp Web on PC, just follow the steps below.

1. Download WhatsApp Web for PC

The official WhatsApp website provides a WhatsApp application that can be used on various types of devices. By visiting the official website, you can get the WhatsApp Web application for the computer you are using. Here’s how to download it.

  • Open any web browser application on your computer. You can run Safari if you’re using a MacOS, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Opera device if your PC is equipped with a Windows operating system.
  • Type whatsapp.com in the URL address field then press the Enter key on the device keyboard to visit the official WhatsApp website. Wait a moment until the main WhatsApp page opens and displays the download button.
  • The download button is at the top of the main WhatsApp page. Click the Download Now button to open the WhatsApp application download page and download the appropriate WhatsApp application for the device you are currently using.
  • There are various download options, there is a download link for Android and a download link for iPhone. Scroll down until you find the Mac or Windows PC subtitle . The WA Web application can only be used on computer devices with a minimum operating system of Windows 8.
  • Click the Download for Windows button and the WhatsApp Web application will be automatically downloaded to your computer’s device storage. Wait a moment until the WhatsApp Web application download process is complete.
  • Open WhatsAppSetup.exe or the downloaded WA Web application to install the application on your computer. After the installation is complete, you can start using the WA Web application as you wish.
  • After downloading WA Web and installing the application, you need to enter your WhatsApp account into WA Web by scanning it on mobile WA. Run the WA application on the cellphone then tap the three-dot icon at the top right of the mobile WhatsApp application.
  • Then select the Linked devices menu then tap the green Link a Device button . You will be asked to scan the QR code that appears in the WA Web application. Scan the code according to the instructions given.
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Now your WhatsApp account can run on two different devices, namely on Android devices and computer devices with the help of WA Web. As long as your mobile device is connected to the internet, your WA account can be accessed and used on a computer.

2. Using WhatsApp Web Without Application

For those who don’t want or can’t download the WA Web application, WhatsApp Web can still be accessed with the help of a web browser that has been updated to the latest version. No need to download and install additional applications.

Because it doesn’t require you to download the WA application, this WhatsApp Web can be accessed on computer devices with older operating systems, for example on devices with the Windows 7 operating system. How to use it is as follows.

  • Run the web browser application that is already installed on the computer. Can use the default web browser such as Microsoft Edge or other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, or Google Chrome.
  • Type web.whatsapp.com in the URL address field and press Enter on your keyboard to visit WhatsApp Web without downloading the app. After the main WhatsApp Web page opens, instructions on how to use it will appear.
  • Now open the WhatsApp application on your mobile device then select the Linked devices menu and tap the Link a Device button . Point the cellphone camera at the QR code that appears on the WhatsApp Web page to connect the WA account to the computer device.

After the WA account is connected to WhatsApp Web, you can perform various activities involving WA without having to touch the smartphone. The most important thing is that both devices are connected to the internet and the WA smartphone application is still running in the background.

Many WA users are interested in downloading WA Web because this application is considered very practical for sending data to each other. There are various features that can be found in the WA Web application. How to download and use it is also very easy. Understand the terms of use before downloading.