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Who is Luffy’s Next opponent after Kaido before the Final Battle

Luffy finally finished one of the longest and toughest fights in Wano after facing one of the Yonko and the strongest character in One Piece , Kaido. With Kaido’s defeat—and also Big Mom’s—now, Luffy is ready to continue his journey to Laugh Tale again. But, of course, it won’t be easy.

Throughout his career as a pirate, Luffy has made many enemies. Whether from the World Government, the Navy, and even from the Worst Generation, everyone was now after him. What’s more, Wano proved how strong he was. When facing Kaido, Luffy managed to awaken the power of the Devil Fruit he ate, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.

The fall of Kaido proves that Luffy is the Great Pirate now. The Straw Hat Pirates’ captain is now just one step away from achieving his dream of becoming the Pirate King and obtaining the sacred treasure of One Piece. However, he still has to face a number of people who cannot be underestimated to achieve his dream.

Luffy’s Number of Enemies

Monkey D Luffy vs. Blackbeard

Over the years, Luffy has made many enemies. From Coby to Yonko and the like, there’s a lot of people he has to deal with. Following his victory over Yonko Kaido, Luffy seems to be up against someone of the same level. That means, the character is another member of the Worst Generation, like Law and Kid, or another Yonko.

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At the same time, the threat of the World Government and the Navy is no different after Wano . By defeating Kaido and awakening Nika’s powers, Luffy becomes the biggest threat to the World Government. This means, he will also become a target for Marine Admirals.

According to Game Rant, the Marines could be the next enemy for Luffy and his Straw Hat crew. Even if they weren’t anywhere near Wano, they could take the country any time now. The current worldwide events could also soon reach the Straw Hat Pirates. If any of Luffy’s friends were in danger, he would obviously do anything to help them.

This could potentially build a clash between one of the Marine Admirals and Luffy. One of the Marine Admirals, Ryokugyu, is already in Wano. He is one of the strongest admirals in One Piece . Its strength has not been tested. The plant-based Logia-type Devil Fruit he eats gives him unique powers. But, with Luffy having defeated Kaido, he might not be too big of a drag.

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Who’s Luffy’s Next Opponent?


Based on the ongoing saga, the Four Yonko Saga , it looks like Oda will include Shanks or Blackbeard as Luffy’s new enemy. Since Blackbeard will be challenging Luffy for the title of Pirate King, fighting Shanks seems like a big possibility as well.

Luffy and Shanks have a history in the past. In fact, it was Shanks who first brought Luffy into the world of piracy. About 12 years ago, Shanks gave his Straw Hat to Luffy. The Red Hair Pirates asked Luffy to return him when he was already a great pirate.

Now that Luffy has defeated Kaido, this is the perfect time for the two of them to meet. Luffy has successfully become a Great Pirate. At the same time, he also became famous. The payoff for Luffy’s head would probably surpass Shanks. Currently, Shanks’ head is valued at 4 billion berries and Luffy’s 3 billion berries after the Wano story arc . This shows that Luffy is finally ready to meet Shanks.

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In Punk Hazard , Luffy once stated his ambition to defeat four Yonko, including Shanks. At the same time, Shanks also wanted to test Luffy’s abilities. So far, Luffy has defeated two Yonko, namely Kaido and Big Mom.

So, there were only two people left, namely Shanks and Blackbeard. Hence, Shanks and Luffy’s confrontation was unavoidable. Thus, Luffy will fight the Marine Admiral or Yonko, namely Shanks. Shanks’ presence would have been interesting since he’d been on the sidelines too long.

Fans have been waiting for decades to see it move. In Jump Fiesta 2020, Eiichiro Oda implied Shanks would make a move in the near future. This is an indication that he will become important in this story after Wano and be a new test for Luffy.