Who is the Highest One Piece Bounty

Who is the Highest Bounty in One Piece? Check the list here

One Piece 1053 spoilers have been circulating on social media and will show the latest Highest Bounty in One Piece list. So, who is the owner of the highest bounty in One Piece?

By far the highest known One Piece bounty belongs to Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard . Teach’s Bounty totals 2,247,600,000 (2.2 Billion) Berries.

Although Bounties were not the total measure of one’s strength, however, Black Beard’s accomplishments reaffirmed that pirates with high bounties should not be taken lightly.

If you’re curious about who the pirates with the highest bounty are, here’s information on five pirates who can be included in the group with the highest bounty of One Piece.

The Highest Bounty in One Piece

5. Shanks (4,048,900,000 Berries)


Shanks is the Captain of the Red Hair Pirates, one of the four Yonko crew that rules the New World in One Piece. Although information about his abilities is scant, it was recently revealed that Shanks was already a Yonko six years before the events of Luffy vs Kaido took place.

4. Charlotte Linlin (4,388,000,000 Berries)

Big Mom

Popularly known as Big Mom , Charlotte Linlin leads the Big Mom Pirates who rule the nation of 35 islands, known as Totland. At such a young age, Linlin earned a bounty of 500 million berries, which showed how much of a threat she could pose to the Government.

3. Kaidou (4.611.100.000 Berries)


Kaidou is the leader of the Beasts Pirates, a crew made up of only Zoan-type Devil Fruit users. Like Big Mom, Kaido was once on the Rocks D. Xebec ship, though he was only an apprentice there.

After the crew disbanded, Kaido formed his own crew based on devil fruit power users. In the decades following the Valley of Gods incident, he rose to Yonko status.

2. Edward Newgate (5,046,000,000 Berries)

Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard , is renowned as the strongest man in the world of One Piece , and the only person who can match Gol D. Roger.

Whitebeard was a member of the Rocks Pirates at some point, and five years after they split, he formed the Whitebeard Pirates. Whitebeard possessed extraordinary strength, enough to make him the strongest man even in the time of Gol D. Roger.

1. Gol D. Roger (5,564,800,000 Berries)

Gol D. Roger

The Pirate King, Gol D. Roger was the reason why pirates sailed Greendland. It’s because he left behind a One Piece cartoon treasure. Roger managed to bring his Pirate crew to Raftel which no other pirate crew had ever done.

Roger finds the legendary treasure known as One Piece, along with the secrets of the Void Century. This relic has become the main driving force for the One Piece story until now! Even fans are curious as to whether or not the treasure actually exists and what it looks like.

Bounties itself is the fugitive value of a pirate and identifies how big a threat a pirate can pose with a high bounties value.

The currency of the bounties in the pirate series is berries. Thus the list of pirates who are included in the highest One Piece bounty group . The information above is quoted from cbr.com.