Luffy Adds 2 New Members in One Piece Chapter 1054 Heres His Figure

who will be the next nakama of luffy?Here’s His Figure!

Members of the Mugiwara no Luffy pirates will be added in One Piece chapter 1054 .

The Straw Hat pirates will have two additional members in One Piece chapter 1054 .

In fact, these two members are very powerful and influential people in the future of Luffy ‘s pirate crew .

One of the pirates who will join the Straw Hats is the former commander of the Whitebeard Pirates Division.

The two pirate crews that will join the Straw Hats are Yamato and Marco .

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Especially for Yamato , he has submitted a request to be able to sail with Luffy .

As for Marco , he joined at the request of Whitebeard after the war at Marineford.

At that time, Whitebeard requested that all his men protect Luffy ‘s pirates .

But after the war at Wano , Marco saw that Luffy was a captain he could look up to.

This is what makes Marco choose to join the Luffy pirates .

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The joining of Marco makes the Straw Hat crew stronger to face the war in the next arc.

After defeating Kaido and Big Mom, Luffy seems to be heading to Marijoa to save Sabo.

The war in Marijoa requires a large fleet.

In fact, Luffy aims to summon all the pirate alliances formed in Dressrosa to save Sabo.

The joining of Sabo and Yamato will open up Luffy ‘s path to becoming the pirate king .

After getting two new members, Luffy and the pirates will head to Marijoa.

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But they will first face one of the admirals, Ryokugyu.

Currently Ryokugyu has arrived at Wano to start the newest war.

Previously, Oda Sensei had given a hint that the Wano arc would have an unusual surprise.

This surprise has been waiting for One Piece fans in Indonesia.

However, the fight between Ryokugyu and Yonkou Luffy will be even more exciting as the conclusion of the Wano arc .