Youtube Go Premium Free Download

Youtube Go Premium Free Download 2023

Who does not know Youtube, which is one of the video service provider platforms with very high popularity. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technological developments, there are also more and more clone applications that are no less interesting than the original version, one of which is Youtube Go. Even the latest version of the application is able to attract the attention of many people. Interesting right?

So what are the advantages of the Youtube Go app? therefore make sure you listen to the end, because here later we will thoroughly review the latest and interesting version of the application from Youtube, ranging from excellent features, download links, how to install, and much more.

As it is known that Youtube itself is able to present a variety of interesting videos, ranging from music videos, funny videos, entertainment, news, movies, and others covering various countries in the world. But of course, to enjoy these videos, an internet connection is needed, whether from a quota package or wifi.

So lucky that there are more and more innovations that allow Youtube video connoisseurs to be more efficient regarding the use of internet data, one solution is to switch versions using the Youtube Go application. By using this application, you can enjoy YouTube streaming videos for free and fun.

You can see for yourself that this one application is getting more and more users, because apart from being simpler, of course, there are many interesting features that absolutely will not be found in the official version. Especially now that the application has been used by as many as 130 countries. In general, of course the same as the official version, it’s just that there are additional interesting features.

Review Youtube Go

How To Instal Youtube Go

As we known Youtube Go is an application based on Android or iOS, or you can even access it on all devices. There are lots of interesting features that you will find in it. Curious, right? then also one of the reasons behind the presence of the application is frequent internet disturbances, such as slow network, and others.

The presence of the Youtube Go application is a solution to various obstacles and problems that you often experience when watching Youtube video shows, so that there will be no more slow terms even though the network being used is less stable.

The most interesting thing you will find in the application is the waiver access. This means that this application is perfect for you to use when you don’t have an internet data package or you also want to save quota but still want to watch all the interesting video shows from Youtube. The point is that you can now choose the video you like and download it directly.

Features of Youtube Go Latest Version

The latest features that are interesting and far superior to the original version make it a separate reason for Youtube video viewers to switch to the latest version, namely Youtube Go. Of course it’s a natural thing, considering the more attractive the available features, the more comfortable you will be when you use it.

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Following below, we will convey some of the excellent features that the latest version of the Youtube Go application has, as the following points:

1. Save more Data

Youtube Go is one of the results made by Google whose benefits are felt. All smartphone users, regardless of the type, can be sure to have a Youtube app with various specifications and standards of use. With the latest version, it allows you to be more efficient and not spend so much on your data plan when watching videos.

In general, the data package usage of this application is much lower when compared to the official version of the Youtube application. That’s one of the main reasons why more and more applications are using and seem to enjoy all the new features.

2. Can Preview Previous

Then also later all users can see at a glance the contents of the video that they want to save before downloading it on the Smartphone device that is being used. If later you are correct and are sure to determine the quality of the video, you can directly save and download it.

The presence of this preview feature can certainly be able to minimize many possibilities when there are videos that you don’t like. As is well known, currently on Youtube itself there are various types of clickbait videos that only rely on the title, so that it does not match the content of the video. Then later you can avoid videos that seem mere spam.

3. Can Determine Video Size

How can it not be that Google itself continues to strive to provide the best for all its users, especially to understand every desire of its users . Downloading videos that will be stored on the device’s memory can certainly burden the performance of the phone itself.

Therefore, here you are given access to the freedom to determine video options according to the desired size, ranging from standard, medium, to super HD resolution depending on the needs and tastes of each in the process of enjoying it. Well, and for those of you who want to save storage, visual quality videos are the solution.

4. Can Move Videos to Other Devices

No need to worry about the downloads that are already stored on the device, and to reduce the external storage space of the memory itself. Here later you yourself can move to another device if you feel the file size is too large and takes up a lot of storage space. Moreover, the share feature allows you to share the downloaded video.

5. Small Size Capacity

Not much different from the other latest versions of the Youtube application, both of which have a relatively small file size capacity when compared to the usual version. For the file size, it only has 66 MB, so it won’t cause slow device performance or bugs.

Regardless of the type of Android, of course you can install the application, and now you can be more relieved when using this interesting video service provider application, so the impression is much more fun and you seem to enjoy every serving of the show.

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6. Support on All Devices

The last excellent feature is that this application supports installation on all types of devices, especially Android and iOS. Unlike most other applications, which are only compatible with one device’s operating system. Of course an interesting breakthrough and you must use it immediately.

Then you can also use the application on devices with Android OS Jelly Bean 4.2.1 or above. What features are still being considered that make you reluctant not to download the application immediately? If you are curious about all the features it has, please prove it and immediately install the application via the link below.

Link Download Youtube Go

Well, for those of you who are interested in the Youtube Go application, here we will share a safe and reliable download link along with the application specifications. Also make sure that you are more vigilant and selective when you want to choose the link you will be looking for on the internet.

Given that nowadays there are lots of manipulative links that are intentionally created by irresponsible parties with certain goals, or even seeking one-sided profit. If you know that many bad things have happened to its users because of the origin in choosing the download link, such as being hacked, data leaks, devices being exposed to malware viruses, and others.

For the download link that we share here, we can be sure it is safe and reliable, so you can be more exciting and get an unusual sensation in previous use. Here’s more information:

App Name Youtube Go
File Size 13.24 MB
Minimal OS Android 5.0+
Root Not require
Version 3.23.53
Download Link Download

How To Instal Youtube Go

Since it is an application developed by a third party, the installation process is different from the usual applications you get on the Google Play Store service. For that make sure you listen carefully so that no steps are left behind. Here are the installation steps:

  • The first step is to make sure you have downloaded it via the download link that we have shared above.
  • Then if you have downloaded it then make sure not to install it right away.
  • Please first go to the Settings / Settings menu on each device.
  • Then look for the Privacy and Security menu again.
  • Please tick the Unknown Sources text to give permission regarding its installation on the device.
  • Success and good luck.

Also keep in mind that we recommend that you follow all the installation steps as described above, because if you only take one step, you may have to download and reinstall the application. Because later it will be difficult to open and you can’t use the application.

Some Important Things About Youtube Go App

In addition to having superior features that are much more interesting than the original version, Youtube Go itself is inseparable from several shortcomings, which you must know here as a reference only. However, until now there has been no application of any kind that is absolutely perfect. Please pay attention to the following important reviews about the application:

  • Image Quality

For those of you who have played a video with a small size capacity, this one application certainly produces the impression of discomfort, right?, because the display of the video presented is quite small and not as usual.

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Although it is possible to save expenses from the data package used, of course in presenting the video display it feels less comfortable, broken, unclear and indeed in accordance with the reduction in the data itself used. The higher the cost of the package used, the results will definitely look clear, on the contrary, with this one application, it is certainly a natural thing.

  • No Comments Feature Available

Furthermore, as we explained in the point above, this latest version does look different from other versions from Youtube. One of the differences embedded in it is that this application does not have a comment feature, so that later you cannot post comments related to the video you are watching.

  • Can’t Access Profile

If you use the regular version of the Youtube platform, of course, you can easily access your profile, and see a bunch of other video shows that have been presented from various existing channels. But it’s different from this application, because if you want to find other videos, you must first visit the video by searching one video at a time.

List of Best Video Downloader Applications Youtube Go

1. YouTube MP3 and MP4 Downloader

Youtube Go video download application is very interesting, because in addition to being easy to use, it also has a fairly simple appearance. That way, anyone will easily and quickly use it. The advantage of this video downloader application is the availability of MP3 and MP4 formats with super lightning downloading speeds.

2. YT3 Music Downloader

YT3 Music Downloader is very user-friendly, because you only need to write the title of the video in the column provided, then choose the Youtube video that you want. Each user can also specify the MP3 format, and the impression of this application looks multifunctional.

3. MTube

Interestingly, in this MTube video downloader application, when you are about to download, a choice of audio and video formats will appear. Each user can also play Youtube videos and pop ups with the use of the application.

4. Fvdtube Youtube Downloader

Then also by using the video downloader application from Fvdtube, in just seconds the video is already stored on the device. How to use it is certainly quite easy, because you only need to claim the download text on the video that is playing. Apart from that, you can also load playlists for the downloaded video playlists.

5. Ummy Video Downloader

To be able to download videos with Ummy Video Downloader, later you are required to first copy the URL link of the video to be downloaded. Please, if you have copied the video link, immediately paste it in the search field and download it immediately.

6. Peggo

This downloader application from Peggo has a mainstay feature, namely the Trimer feature, so that later you can download only certain parts of the video you want according to your needs. Usually this application is often used by editors who are often in contact with video editing software such as Adobe Product. Unfortunately only the MP3 format is available.

7. KeepVid

The advantages possessed by the KeepVid application are that the display it presents is very simple or the user interface that seems simple but very comfortable and elegant when viewed with the eye. The features it provides are also very complete and you can use it to download videos in various applications. Apart from that, the resolutions that you can choose include 1080p HD, 720p HD, 320p, and 480p.

8. InsTube Youtube

The last video downloader application is InsTube which has many excellent features, including being able to download videos from various platforms such as Twitter, Vimeo, Instagram, and others. That way you can collect various types of interesting and entertaining videos in just one application.

That’s an explanation of the Youtube Go app, one of the latest versions of Youtube which will give you a new experience, and a different impression than before. What are you waiting for? Let’s immediately download the application and immediately feel the excitement during its use.