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Download Youtube Vanced Apk Latest Version 2022

Youtube Vanced is an application that allows every user to watch Youtube videos without any annoying ads. The application is currently popular, sticking out to the surface, even many are looking for the download link because it gives satisfaction and a different impression.

Who doesn’t feel uncomfortable when watching a Youtube video is suddenly paused by an advertisement, after all, this kind of thing must be very annoying, right? then also often arise various questions, including whether the ads on Youtube can be removed? Of course the answer is yes.

As it is known that Youtube is one of the platforms that has high popularity in cyberspace, and it is almost certain that every Smartphone user has the application. How not that in it is available a variety of content covering all countries in the world. For example, starting from movies, news, videos, funny, music videos, and much more.

Especially if it is noticed that currently Youtube is able to divert TV users, from those who previously watched shows on television, now access them via Smartphones with internet support. That’s why it’s important for you to work around this so that you can produce a comfortable and impressive spectacle without any distractions from the appearance of annoying ads.

But of course all types of applications, whatever version has its own advantages and disadvantages, so that later, please consider carefully before using it. The most important thing is that the presence of the mod apk version from Youtube Vanced brings its own excitement for those who like to watch video shows on Youtube.

Youtube Vanced Apk

Youtube Vanced Review

As it is known that Youtube Vanced is the latest version developed by a third hand equipped with the latest and interesting features. In its use, you will be free from ad breaks when viewing videos from Youtube, even this latest version has managed to beat the original version. Amazing isn’t it?

There are so many excellent features that Youtube Vanced has, besides being easy to use, each user can also open applications together or multiple applications. This means that when you listen to music on the Vanced YouTube platform, you only need to open the channel via Vanced and while listening to music, chatting, or opening other applications.

Sophistication like this makes the original version feel alienated, especially if you can watch Youtube videos yourself without annoying ads, so the impression is much more fun and full of fun. So make sure you also read this explanation thoroughly, because in the next point we will provide a download link, how to install it, the advantages it has, and others.

But before that, here we will provide an explanation of some of the advantages that the Youtube Vanced application itself has. So what are the advantages of this application? Let’s stay tuned and listen to the discussion.

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Advantages of Youtube Vanced Mod Apk

Well, interestingly here, there are several advantages that Youtube Vanced has and you won’t find it in the original version at all, so don’t be surprised if this latest version is the current favorite choice for those who like to watch various interesting content through the Youtube application.

Furthermore, what you should also know is that the use of this kind of application which is made by the hands of a third party does not need to be doubted regarding the superior features and advantages embedded in it, because it has been updated or like a thorough modification of all the systems, so it will looks different from the original.

For more details, here are some of the advantages of Youtube Vanced, including the following points:

1. No Root Required Phone

Surely here you think that by using modified applications like this you are usually required to re-root the phone first, and that statement turned out to be totally wrong. You need to underline that even though the application you are using is made by a third party, but in its own use it does not require re-rooting the phone itself.

The process of re-rooting your phone that you should know is the most annoying process, because it takes a lot of time in practice. So lucky if you use this modified version of Youtube Vanced, because its use is not complicated, in fact it is very easy.

2. Free

How not if you switch to the latest version of Youtube, you won’t find the term pay-to-pay. Know that here you can use all the available features to your heart’s content without having to upgrade to the premium version as in the original version. Anyone is given the flexibility to be able to enjoy all the interesting features offered without being asked for a fee.

For that, if you include people who like things that are free, then we recommend using this latest version, because it is guaranteed to be full of fun and satisfaction in the process of using it.

3. Can Watch Videos Without Ads

Then the next advantage is the mainstay feature of the latest version of Youtube, because you can watch videos to your heart’s content without being interrupted and paused by the sudden appearance of ads. How does it feel when you are engrossed in watching a video on Youtube and you are not aware that you are paused by the appearance of advertisements, which must be very annoying, right?

Here we highly recommend for those of you who are having certain tasks that have to deal with Youtube, so please try and use Youtube Vanced so you can focus more on watching the excitement of the video.

4. Equipped with Trending Features and Other Youtube Features

Although it is a modified application, the developer has not completely removed the official features from the original Youtube, because the trending feature itself is still there, then the exploration, subscribe, and other features are still embedded in it. Thus the validity of the application is still maintained without the slightest damage to it.

In it, you can still access the search feature to find various video content you want.

5. Picture in Picture

For the next advantage feature, it is certainly no less interesting than the others, because here you can still see Youtube video shows when running on a background screen, or the purpose of this feature is that you are still able to access the video even though you have pressed the ‘home’ button on your Smartphone and video. that is played you can still fully enjoy.

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The interesting thing here is that the application does not immediately close it which can cause the video to pause suddenly, like most of the usual Youtube applications and the original version. So that every user can stalk watching movies while using other applications.

The video in the background can only stop when using the sound feature on the cellphone, for example when someone calls or even on the phone and automatically the video on the vanced can also play again.

6. Available Dark Mode (Dark Mode)

The last advantage feature of the Youtube Vanced application is Dark Mode or dark mode that you can use when watching Youtube videos at night. By activating this feature, your eyes will be protected from damaging HP screen brightness.

How, now you must have had your own considerations to decide on the use between the two versions of Youtube which is considered much more interesting, fun, and satisfying. Once again we remind you that you will have a different impression when using the latest version of this Youtube. If you don’t believe it, please just download the application.

Download link Youtube Vanced

For those of you who are interested in the latest application from Youtube Vanced, here we will immediately share the download link along with the application specifications. You also need to remember that nowadays there are many irresponsible parties who take advantage of the popularity of the application.

So make sure you download it using the link that we will share below which is very safe and proven to be reliable. If you are not selective as long as you just download, it is likely that the link has been infiltrated by a type of malware virus that is very dangerous, because it can damage the working system of the device itself. Here’s a safe and reliable download link:

App Name Youtube Vanced
Price Free
Ukuran Kirim Gambar 50 MB
New Version 2.1
System Operation Android 4.1+
File Size 63MB
Link Download Download

Here’s How to Install Youtube Vanced

Last time, the appearance of the application could only be installed on Android that had re-rooted the phone when you wanted to use it. But now you are freed from this, because thanks to the easy access provided by this application, it is able to compete with the official version of Youtube.

Please later, you will enjoy the features and facilities that are already available in the application without exception. Then also what you should know is that in the installation process there are slight differences from common applications that you usually get on the Google Play Store service. Here’s how to install the application on each Smartphone device:

  • The first point is to make sure you have downloaded the application file using the link we have shared above.
  • After that, please go to the Settings / Settings menu on each device.
  • Look for the Security menu .
  • Continue by selecting the application and ticking Unknown Sources to grant installation permission on the device.
  • Open the Download / Storage folder and find the file you downloaded earlier.
  • Next, please select the application and click Install .
  • Wait for the installation process to really work.
  • Success and good luck.

Also make sure you follow all the installation steps correctly and in accordance with what we provided above, because if you take the wrong step then you will most likely not be able to open the application, so you have to download and reinstall the application.

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Risks and Disadvantages of Using Youtube Vanced

Due to the many questions that come in regarding security during the use of the application, here we will discuss in detail some of the risks that may occur and some of the impacts caused by using the modified application from Youtube Vanced.

However, that any type of application always has two sides, between positive and negative, as well as advantages and disadvantages as is the case with the latest version of this application from Youtube. For more details, please refer to the following review thoroughly regarding the risks and disadvantages it has, as follows:

1. Less Guarantee of User Security

In the process of using it itself, it requires you to log in with a Gmail account, or other official account as in the original version. With that, it can be concluded that it is very vulnerable to getting banned, especially that its status is not official and is not available on the official smartphone service, namely the Play Store.

Although basically not all users will be banned, but if there are some conditions and rules that are violated, it is certainly not impossible considering the application is modified by a certain party. As usual, if the account has been banned, it is difficult to recover. So from that aside from the advantages it is very difficult to avoid all the disadvantages.

2. Coding does not go through the verification stage

Then also of course you already know when using the original version of the Youtube application regarding the development of credibility from Google LCC itself which is indeed one of the developers. It is impossible for its founder to design coding that can harm its users because it can damage Youtube’s own reputation and rating.

However, it is different with this modified version of the application, which at first is difficult to understand unless users are good at coding itself. Such is the dangerous impact that can be generated through the verification of the coding which is difficult to ascertain.

3. Update Manually

Of course, the same as the applications in general available on the Play Store, because the Youtube Vanced application itself requires regular updates. For those of you who want to use the application later, you must update it to produce the latest features.

4. Harming Youtube Party

Its users will certainly benefit greatly from using this kind of application, because of the many advantages it has. However, it is different from the official YouTube party, because their income is generated from the ad impressions themselves, whereas here there are no ads at all.

5. Does not provide a full guarantee

From how to get the link, it’s different and in a special way, so the developers themselves are actually afraid of the official who makes a certain lawsuit, because it is related to copyright. With that, it can be concluded that there is no complete security guarantee for every user, so please use it wisely.

6. Risk of Data Leak

The last risk that you will face is the vulnerability of data leakage when active in its use. As we explained above, the process of using it is the same as the official version, where you have to log in using an account, whether it’s FB, Gmail, and others. So that the data you enter can be subject to data leaks at any time.

Well, that’s an explanation of the popular application from Youtube Vanced, its official rival, Youtube, which is currently being widely used to remove ad impressions while watching various video offerings in it. The most important thing is that you are wise when using it, and use a second or other account to minimize bad things that could happen.