Who Is Zoro Father's

One Piece 1050, Oda Finally Shows Zoro Father’s Face

The family background of the Straw Hat swordsman Zoro is still an unanswered mystery until One Piece 1050 .

One of the mysteries up to One Piece 1050 was about the faces of Zoro father and grandfather, which Eiichiro Oda had actually shown in the story.

From the facts that Oda has given so far, Zoro father is believed to be a newly appointed Admiral , namely Ryokugyu aka Green Bull .

Who Is Zoro Father’s

Who Is Zoro Father's

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding instructions from Oda regarding Ryokugyu as Zoro ‘s biological father .

Shimotsuki Kozaburo is known to have left Wano Kuni and created Shimotsuki Village in East Blue.

Then because Kozaburo and Ushimaru come from the same family, namely Shimotsuki , both of them must have blood relations.

But what should be noted is that Shimotsuki Village is where Zoro was raised and trained.

At an uncertain time, Ushimaru had a son named Shimotsuki Ryokugyu .

Firstly Ryokugyu has the word Ryo in it which is a legendary fighting style introduced in Wano.

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Although this is not the most obvious proof, it does show that Ryokugyu is from Wano.

The second point is that Ryokugyu is an Admiral who is currently nicknamed the Green Bull .

In all the One Piece Arcs that Luffy has been through, the word Green Bull only appeared during the Wano Arc.

Interestingly, Ushimaru was once shown Oda wearing a coat with the image of a Green Bull aka a green bull.

Oda never put the green bull element in arcs other than the Wano Arc and of course that has something to do with Ushimaru .

Now the third point is that Ryokugyu once told Fujitora that he was fasting.

His statement fits perfectly with what is currently happening in Wano.

The people of Wano are shown to be hungry because they cannot eat and drink clean water due to the cruelty of Kaido and Orochi.

So that Fujitora’s conversation was deliberately shown by Oda as an indication that Ryokugyu was closely related to Wano.

Then two years after that, Shimotsuki Ushimaru and several Daimyo from Wano fought Kaido to save Wano.

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Then in chapter 1048, Kaido is shown to have succeeded in killing all the Daimyo including Ushimaru .

So that Ushimaru’s death can be estimated to have occurred when he was 59 years old or 39 years ago.

Most likely Ushimaru already had a son at that time named Ryokugyu and he might have grown up.

This fact will also lead to how Shimotsuki Ryokugyu has a son named Zoro .

After Oda brought up Ushimaru’s face , all fans almost agreed and agreed that he and Zoro looked similar.

Of course, the simple reason is because if you look at it with the naked eye, the two are definitely connected by blood.

But the problem is that Ushimaru is not Zoro ‘s father , but his grandfather.

Oda even once responded to an interview from a fan who asked him about Zoro and Ushimaru ‘s relationship .

A fan asked Oda if Ushimaru was Zoro father .

Oda also replied that Ushimaru is not technically Zoro father .

The answer seems to indicate that although Ushimaru is not Zoro  father , the two have a relationship.

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Oda seemed to want to say, “Hey your answer is right but not quite right”.

Then Oda went on to say that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to draw Ushimaru ‘s lineage in detail.

That statement seems to come because if he were to draw Ushimaru ‘s son , fans would instantly know Zoro ‘s real family.

When Oda draws Ryokugyu , it will be immediately revealed that Zoro is his son and Ushimaru is his father.

Furthermore, Oda suddenly ended the interview with a very suspicious thing by saying, “The two of them ( Zoro and Ushimaru ) are very similar right?”

Of course, since Ushimaru’s silhouette appeared, all fans are not stupid and immediately suspect that Zoro must have blood relations with Ushimaru .

It will be interesting to see how Oda will reveal Zoro ‘s true family tree in One Piece 1050 or the next chapters.

It will also be revealed after One Piece 1050 whether Ryokugyu is really Zoro father and Ushimaru ‘s son .***