5 Step how to screenshot on macBook

Easy Step how to screenshot on MacBook 2022

The exclusive MacBook application system makes several system settings different from other brand laptops, including in the screenshot process. Here are some easy and short tips.

For you MacBook users, of course, you will feel more exclusive than using other types of laptops, one of which is because the system used is quite different. MacBook uses MacOs and other laptops , usually using windows or linux and some equivalent support system .

This difference also makes the way to capture a screen or screenshot on a MacBook different. The following tips are compiled from the official website of the MacBook manufacturer, namely Apple , Support.apple.com:

1. How to take full screenshot on macBook

To take a screenshot screenshot on macBook, press and hold the Shift, Command , and 3 keys simultaneously. If you see a thumbnail in the corner of the screen, then click it to edit the screenshot. You can also simply wait for the screenshot to be saved on the desktop.

2. How to screenshot on macBook Take Partial Screenshot

To get a partial screenshot on macBook, you can start by pressing and holding the Shift, Command, and 4 keys at the same time. Then drag the crosshairs to select the area of ​​the screen to take a shot of. To move the selected area, press and hold the spacebar, while dragging the crosshairs. To cancel taking the screenshot, press the Esc key ( escape ). To take a screenshot, release the mouse or trackpad button .

If you see a thumbnail in the corner of the screen, click it to edit the screenshot. After that, wait until the screenshot is saved on the desktop .


3. How to Take a Window or Menu Snapshot Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot of a menu, you can start by opening the window or menu that you want to take a screenshot of. Please press and hold the Shift, Command, 4, and Spacebar keys simultaneously. The pointer changes to a camera icon . To cancel taking a screenshot, press the Esc (escape) key. Click a window or menu to take a snapshot. To exclude a window shadow from the screenshot, press and hold the Option key while clicking. If you see a thumbnail in the corner of the screen, click it to edit the screenshot, or wait for the screenshot to be saved on your desktop .


4. How to Find Screenshot Results on Mac

By default , the screenshot on macBook will be saved on the desktop with the name “Screenshot [date] at [time].png”. In MacOs Mojave or later, you can change the default location for saving screenshots, from the dropdown menu in the app or the Screenshot app. You can also drag thumbnails to folders or documents.

5. Further Alternative Information

In MacOs Mojave or later, you can set a time alias timer and choose where to save your screenshot on macBook with the Screenshots app . To open an app , press and hold the Shift, Command and 5 keys at the same time. Learn more about the Screenshot app . Certain apps, such as Apple TV, may not allow taking screenshots of those windows. To copy a screenshot to the Clipboard, press and hold the Control key while taking a screenshot. After that, you can paste the screenshot elsewhere.

You can also use Universal Clipboard to paste screenshots on other Apple devices. But it should be noted, if you are a user of the latest MacBook, so you don’t go wrong when you want to capture the screen.

How to Capture Screen on Laptops Other Than MacBook

Screenshots can not only be done on MacBooks, but also on non-MacBook laptops. The following is a summary of how to take screenshots from laptops and PCs, which are summarized from the Pricebook.co.id website:

1. Pressing the PrintScreen Tombol Button

The first and often used method for screenshots on laptops is with the easiest one button, namely pressing the PrintScreen (prt sc) button. For more details, here are the screenshot steps using one button:

  • First , prepare the screen display that will be screenshot .
  • The second step , press the ‘Prt Sc’ key on the keyboard . Generally this button is at the very top of the laptop keyboard , and usually the position of this button is in the row of the top right corner.
  • The third step , open the paint application that is packaged with the windows device. Then, press the ‘ paste ‘ menu or press ‘ctrl + v’. Alternatively, you can also right click on the mouse or mouse pad , then select paste .
  • The fourth step , the screenshot will be immediately visible in paint , then you can save it by selecting the File menu > Save As > JPEG. In addition to the JPEG format, you can also choose other image formats as needed, such as PNG.

If you don’t find the Paint application or want to try using other features, you can also use Microsoft Word. The screenshot can be viewed immediately by copying and placing it on a Word sheet.

For those of you, laptop or PC users, you should also pay attention that not all laptops can do the screenshot above. This is due to other combinations such as the Prt Sc button with other buttons.

2. Windows Key + Prt SC Kombinasi Combination

The first laptop screenshot method has been done since Windows XP is still successful. Although it has not been updated yet, the way the screenshot on the laptop on Windows XP is still done on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, to Windows 10.

How to screenshot in Windows:

Press Windows Logo + Print Screen (Prt Sc) simultaneously on the computer keyboard . After that, the laptop or computer screen will flash briefly, this indicates that the screenshot process is complete. Then the screenshot image will be saved automatically in the laptop’s picture folder , precisely C:Users/[username]/Pictures/Screenshots.

3. Using Snip & Sketch

Just by pressing Windows key + Shift + S, you will see the screenshot result appear in a new window, where the captured screen appears.

To take a screenshot , simply move the cursor with the ‘+’ symbol and place it on the part of the laptop or computer screen that you want to save.

This method is similar to when you want to crop ( crop ) an image. The recorded part of the screen will change color to light, and when finished, the screenshot will appear in the lower right corner of the laptop or computer screen.

Choose to view the screenshot on the clipboard , and edit the image by adding or subtracting certain sections. When finished, click the diskette icon to save the screenshot and choose a folder where to save it.

4. Using the Snipping Tool

On the new Windows operating system, there is a built-in application called Snipping Tool. This application is useful for taking screenshots and annotating them.

To use this application, you need to open it by calling via Cortana (Windows 10), or click Start and type ‘ snipping tool ‘. After the application opens, click new and immediately select the selected screenshot area .

After that you can immediately save it or take a screenshot again if you are not satisfied. This Snipping Tools feature was first introduced in Windows Vista and is the easiest way to screenshot on laptops and computers.

5. Windows Key + G Key Combination

How to screenshot on laptops and computers can also be done through the game bar , by pressing the Windows key and ‘G’. After pressing the button, a game bar will appear , where you can select ‘ Capture ‘ to capture the laptop screen.

Besides being able to take screenshots on laptops and computers, the game bar can also be used to record screens, and perform live streaming while playing games .

How to screenshot laptop and computer screens using this method is also quite easy. After you press Windows key + G, a new window will appear. Select the camera icon to take a screenshot .

The screenshot will appear in the ‘ Gallery ‘ window and you can open it by clicking the ‘ Open File Location ‘ button located in the lower right corner.

The interesting thing about this method, besides being able to take screenshots of laptop and computer screens, you can also share screenshots on Twitter, save them in the clipboard , and even create memes to download to the internet.

6. Press Alt+Prt Sc . Key

This screenshot method can also be done in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. The method is almost the same as before.

Where, you simply press the alt key + Prt Sc. After that, open the Paint application or Microsoft Word to paste the screenshot that has been taken. In addition to different buttons, this screenshot method also has differences in the results.

The difference is seen in the screenshots , where only the active window will be captured . Meanwhile, the taskbar and others cannot be taken screenshots .

7. Windows Key + Volume Down Combination

This method can only be done by Windows Surface users. The way to take screenshots on this device is very easy, because it is enough to just press the Windows button accompanied by the Volume Down button.

To search for captured images aka screenshots , you can find them in the screenshots folder , where the images will be saved automatically.

8. Using Third Party Devices

The last way to screenshot laptop and computer screens is also quite easy, namely by using many screenshot tools or applications available on the internet, ranging from free to paid ones.

Some of the recommended tools include Screenrec, Lightshot, Greenshot, and ShareX. Apart from these four tools, of course, there are many more that you can find. Just make sure which one best suits your needs.